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My Post Gym Lunch

Today I had a great workout that consisted of a hybrid between a crossFit calisthenic session and a heavy power lift. I came out of the gym looking like I had just jumped into the Pacific Ocean. 515 more words


Inventory system in unity c#

In the inventory I want that we have a list of items and we can instantiate them with buttons or number keys (each key representing a right index in our list) and a way to drop stuff from our inventory and add stuff to it. 1,599 more words

6 Problems Gamers Have In "Other" Games

We’ve all heard our share of First World Problems, ranging from “my internet isn’t fast enough” to “this iPhone isn’t tall enough” or “there’s no wifi here!” Most are ridiculous complaints about things that we simply take for granted every day. 1,148 more words



Finally, all my midterms are over. I feel so relieved, so relaxed, and so much more at peace with myself. My good mood is probably also because of getting a better grade than I thought I would be getting for Financial Accounting. 307 more words


An Unconventional list of "Types of Friends" : The Good Friends

And then, there are the ones we love:

1. The Cheerleader

You know who I’m talking about! That’s the one person who will support you no matter what! 684 more words

Captain America: The Winter Soldier [SPOILERS]

My first blog post about a movie, and of course, I must chose the most recently released and viewed. I probably will not review previously released movies unless they are requested. 1,026 more words