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Touch of Evil

Watching Touch of Evil is a difficult experience to describe. It is terribly dated and because we are so inundated with ‘murder mystery’, ‘bad cop/good cop’, ‘outsider/insider’, ‘alcoholic jaded cop’ ‘modern/old school’ TV shows and films I felt like I already knew most of what was going to happen. 608 more words


20 things I know about life today.

  1. Your health — physical and mental — is very important. Eat well, get enough sleep, care for your body, and meditate or find other ways to quieten your mind.
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Top Ten Authors Whose Books I Own

It’s no secret that I own a lot of books. My tiny Ikea bookshelf is crammed, and on most shelves the books are stacked in two rows, one in front of the other. 458 more words

Prompts, Memes, And Other Fun Things

18 Things I Continue To Learn In My 20s

1. Boredom is our minds
Too frequently I allow myself to be bored.
There are ALWAYS ideas to learn, hikes to go on, paintings to make, thoughts to write, books to read, meals to cook, adventures to go on, and stories to share. 479 more words

#02 Have no student debt

#02 Have no student debt.

date completed: 28 July 2014

The bank account is looking a little empty, but THIS IS DONE. :) Now to actually complete this final term for school.  15 more words


Ten More Things I Know to not be True, A.K.A Health Related Lies I Tell Myself

  • Every Sunday night; “I’m going to eat healthier this week”
  • Monday morning after Sunday night’s health related declaration “Kale is delicious, especially at breakfast…”
  • Every Monday night; “That won’t be the last time I make it to the gym this week…”
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