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Top favorite movies

Originally I was going to put top 5, but then I thought about and I can’t think of 5 favorite movies so here is just a couple. 229 more words


Wandering our way into Retirement

Now that I know the date that I plan to retire… everything from this point forward means we are working towards getting everything done that needs to be done before retirement.¬† 321 more words

Getting Ready

Things I'd tell Teenage Me

Like most teenagers¬†I thought I was the sh*t, when really I was just a little sh*t. That’s ok though, you live and learn, right? Nonetheless there’s more than a few things I would love to tell that little girl. 1,978 more words


You know you are an equestrian when...

you contemplate whether or not you can get away with your riding clothes as every day wear following the equestrian fashion trend. Manure smell aside, you rock them anyway. 350 more words


This Is Why I Came to Ukraine VIII

Here is a short list of things that did not exist in Ukraine when I used to live here, but has entered the streets. The appearance of such items and norms is fascinating. 84 more words

9 Things: Can You See Strawberries in the Life of Z (Me!)?

Please feel free to avert thy gazes at such a poorly constructed summary of me right now! Let’s begin, shall we?

1. I’ve made some changes to my Z-Cave. 769 more words

More random notes from my Friday

I’ve had my nooner, gone to an adult strip club (client of mine) and had a tiny bit to drink. Yep, that’s my day so far… Then, I shall go home and take a nap. 154 more words