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Change the World – Eric Clapton


What this song is about?

This song is about the agony of unrequited love – is there anything more painful in the world? The artist, Eric Clapton, … 313 more words


A great idea for practicing speaking and listening

A language school in Brazil/Brasil got a great idea for helping students to improve their skills.  They paired the students with American senior citizens who are living in a nursing residence.   19 more words


History & Politics Out Loud

Listen to famous historical and political speeches on History & Politics Out Loud. Find background information and famous speeches from presidents, civil rights leaders, and also Lou Gehrig’s famous speech. 57 more words

Language Learning

Never Let Words have Power Over You

I heard from some readers after I wrote about the controversary of using either ‘the n-word’ or the actual word. Some were offended that I dared to say nigger, 560 more words


Don't give up!

This video always makes me cry!  Many times, people get stuck in a situation that feels impossible, so they stop trying to improve their lives.  Arthur shows how powerful it can be to make a decision to improve your life and then keep taking steps to make that improvement.   27 more words


Boosting Vocabulary Learning During Sleep - NeuroNet Learning

Boosting Vocabulary Learning During Sleep – NeuroNet Learning.

I saw on Twitter and at http://englishbyluka.wordpress.com/ that researchers played vocabulary to students after they went to sleep.   42 more words


THE CALL: Listening, by Robert Benson

From The Echo Within

My life is a listening.  His is a speaking.
My salvation is to hear and respond.
(Thomas Merton)

It was early fall, and it was late afternoon, and I was walking through old Carolina pines with a new friend.  

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