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The Sound of the Master's Voice

The logo of a pioneering company in recorded music showed a dog listening at the end of the “horn” speakers attached to a record player. “The sound of the master’s voice.” RCA Victor made this logo ubiquitous for many years in the music business. 211 more words


Can you say these 5 times fast?

Here are 3 Easter Tongue Twisters.

Can you say them 5 times fast?

I had trouble with the last one. What about you?

Happy Easter Everyone…eat lots of chocolate and enjoy Spring. 19 more words



Sometimes it’s good to put on some inspirational or soothing music when you’re studying a foreign language. This is a site called Musicovery, and you can discover new music to play while you study, make your portfolio, and talk to your friends and classmates in English. 88 more words

Language Learning

A Hilton Suite for a Professional Gambler

Activity Instructions

Listen to the following videoclip from Youtube and answer the questions. Answers will be uploaded in a separate post.

1. How big is the hotel room?

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Louis Theroux plays Blackjack



Watch the link from the BBC documentary about gambling.  

Answer the questions below. You can find the answers in the post entitled “Louis Theroux plays Blackjack – Answers”.

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