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Allowing and Entering into a Changed Heart and Life According to the Word of God

We are always being impacted by those we hang out with. This is true of both positive and negative relationships. The best relationships are those where we are being challenged to become better versions of ourselves. 661 more words


He Drew From Us

His arms swung side to side like fishing line through water, pulling notes through time and space as if sound had weight.   Arcs of song spun like orbs through the air, flowing from us and reverberating into vaulted rafters. 474 more words

The Space Between

One of the hardest places to be as a ministry family is interviewing at one church while still employed by another. I call it the space between. 2,115 more words

Back to Basics: The Great and Overwhelming Dread

I made the mistake of waiting until the proverbial last minute to prepare last year’s taxes…and, in all of the frenzied hours of preparation to get them completed, I promised myself that I would never allow that to happen again. 805 more words

Know No

No is a hard word to say and an even harder one to hear, but God made it clear this week that it’s necessary to say no and hear no if I am going to walk in His Kingdom. 597 more words



Two mornings ago I woke up in a mild panic. Three days from then I planned to start out on a 10-day, 1000-mile road trip to visit 14 family and friends. 472 more words


Pushing anxieties aside.

How many times have you cried out to God in a prayer or a song to show you your way? Probably too many times to count. 648 more words

College Living