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“We never simply listen, without trying to do something with what we are hearing or seeing. We are too quick to react, to form an opinion, rather than waiting to be completely aware of what is being said and paying complete attention.

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How to Conqour Self

Loneliness is there

in its wild state.

It is silent at first.

It demands attention.


Why don’t you call someone?

Why don’t you talk about your problem? 260 more words


Too Arrogant To Listen

Christians who are committed to ministry are prone to be too quick to speak and too slow to listen. We rush in to answer the questions (assuming them to be the same as ours) before we know what questions our audience is asking.

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Muhammad Ali Really Is "The Greatest"

You want to know how to handle difficult people? You can do no better than use Muhammad Ali as your role model.

I could draw no other conclusion as I watched the HBO “true to life” show, “Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight” as well as a PBS “Independent Lens” film called “The Trials of Muhammad Ali.” The latter is a documentary while the former is a fictionalized version of actual events interspersed with interviews with the real Muhammad Ali and other contemporary figures. 431 more words


On Listening

For the past two years, I have been working with people. I studied mathematics in college, a discipline that has right and wrong answers. A proof either works or it doesn’t. 708 more words


No ginger is an island

Humorous, adventurous, listening, ginger, geek, independent, truthful.

Talk everyday. Laugh everyday. Don’t be afraid to be inappropriate. Be odd and obscure. It’s the weirdest things that can push us out of our shells and teach us the most about life on this mortal coil. 357 more words


Why I started a blog

I have been a quiet observer of the world most of my life. My over-thinking has always lead me to consider things from every perspective. A positive is that my opinions are formed on solid foundations rather than quick assumptions. 310 more words