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Start by "hello"

There’s a truly regrettable trend in language learning nowadays. The products, books, courses, and technology used for this have grown so advanced that we feel like if we’re not talking a language three days after we bought the coursebook and started using Italki, we must be doing something wrong. 403 more words


I just can't wait to grow up..

Everyone says this. All the time. This one is true.

We all say it and in many respects we all mean it. But this means different things depending on where we are in our lives. 279 more words


Been playing around with the keyboard, creating my own programs with patch layers.  Its been a learning experience and I am grateful to have the opportunity to put my mini-discoveries to use immediately with Cuicani: ( 125 more words

So You Think You're a Friend: Part Deux

Insert canned groan here.  I have always wanted a reason to use the phrase “part deux”, so mission accomplished.

As promised in the previous post, I wanted to discuss friends and toxic friends.   1,435 more words

Learning to Listen

We learn to talk when we are babies, expressing ourselves in sounds and eventually words that make sense to those around us. Speech and verbal communication are encouraged and celebrated. 704 more words


Listening without our own filters

In the movie “Heaven is for real,” there is a moment in which the kid who had the experience of seen heaven was about to die in the hospital. 638 more words



Sometimes I stay up
     for I need to pray.
For family and friends
     who have a rough day.
They struggle with faith
     and questions of why. 748 more words