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Shock and Sorrow in Mouth as Millions of Germs killed by Listerine Bottle

Millions of germs were killed yesterday in the mouth of Dan Smothers as he rinsed with Listerine for 30 seconds. The germs say they haven’t seen such a total oblivion of a civilization since the atomic bomb was dropped, or since the previous day when Mr. 182 more words

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Oil Pulling...Fact or Fiction?

It seems as if the American Dental Association (ADA) is on the fence about this one!

There is a lot of discussion about oil pulling. What is it? 682 more words

Oil Pulling

Oil Pulling: it sounds absolutely nothing like what it actually is.  Basically you use coconut oil as a mouth wash.  A natural mouthwash that has more and different benefits than say, Listerine.   575 more words

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Which brand won The 2014 World Cup?

It’s over! On the 13th of July, in Rio do Janeiro, we watched last game in the 2014 World Cup. While Brazil is right now calculating losses, some of the big brands, which got involved directly or indirectly in the World Cup, are celebrating as this was social media’s biggest ever sporting event! 739 more words


Spots Acne Dandruff PCOS - BROWN LISTERINE can help you!!

Please understand the following: Any advice taken is completed at your own risk and I do not accept responsibility for any reactions to anything suggested and am not a health advisor! 632 more words


How social media covered Luis Suarez biting incident?

Standing amidst twenty first century we can’t even think, in our worst dream, of a person biting another human being. Leaving our cannibalistic instinct aside, when we have moved forward to a long way ahead and an unbridgeable gap has been created between our primitive nature and our present state, then an incident where a normal human personality, with all his senses, gets found to bite another one, it not only gives us tremendous shock but also creates variegated questions in our mind and we start doubting our real existence. 559 more words