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In between bands & booze I checked out the brands at Bestival.

Bestival is more than a festival. It is an all encompassing and immersive experience, but in our case a lot of the things we saw were stumbled across by accident. 484 more words


Hallo zusammen,

hier mein Monat in Bildern.

Hey everybody

Here is my month in pictures.

I will be back in a couple of days. We are having a nice week with a couple of friends which will visit us – I am looking forward to that. 123 more words


A Listerine Lush

Soon after my last alcohol dependency program ended; I begin drinking again. Only this time my drink of choice is listerine. Charlie has been checking where I spend our money on his online bank account and he knows when I spend and where I spend the money. 543 more words


The growth of fear appeals in advertising

If asked to think of a television advertisement using a ‘fear appeal’, what comes to mind? There’s a strong likelihood that you’re now thinking of a… 593 more words


#NeedTheNatural with #ListerineNaturals.. Swishhh!

Thank you to Crowdtap for the opportunity to sample Listerine Naturals Antiseptic Mouthwash (Herbal Mint). I have always been a big fan of Listerine. It appears to be the only mouthwash that does not leave you with “morning breath.” I go back and forth between Listerine and Act, just because Act has fluoride and I have been prone to cavities. 171 more words

TUTORIAL | Dites stop aux pieds secs

Généralement, au début du mois de septembre les beaux jours reviennent après un mois d’août plus que médiocre… On a souvent le droit à un beau soleil et à des températures clémentes, alors on ressort nos sandales portées pendant l’été. 176 more words

Beauté & Makeup

Listerine makes your scalp tingle...

From a wartime issue of Astounding Magazine.

I presume gargling with Head and Shoulders is not as efficacious.

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