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A Listerine Lush

Soon after my last alcohol dependency program ended; I begin drinking again. Only this time my drink of choice is listerine. Charlie has been checking where I spend our money on his online bank account and he knows when I spend and where I spend the money. 543 more words


Alabamy Bound & Darktown Strutters Ball (Les Paul & Mary Ford)

A reasonably fascinating insight into a time when the unholy television-consumerism pact was still in metaphorical short trousers. Les Paul was post-war America’s one-man innovative starburst, crucial to the birth of the modern electric guitar and multi-track recording, as well as being a wildly entertaining master of his instrument. 265 more words


Sitting On Top Of The World (Les Paul & Mary Ford)

Another charming/grimly sociological Listerine-sponsored jaunt back to the 1950s now, as we join Les Paul and Mary Ford in the lovely kitchen of their lovely home. 63 more words


The growth of fear appeals in advertising

If asked to think of a television advertisement using a ‘fear appeal’, what comes to mind? There’s a strong likelihood that you’re now thinking of a… 593 more words


#NeedTheNatural with #ListerineNaturals.. Swishhh!

Thank you to Crowdtap for the opportunity to sample Listerine Naturals Antiseptic Mouthwash (Herbal Mint). I have always been a big fan of Listerine. It appears to be the only mouthwash that does not leave you with “morning breath.” I go back and forth between Listerine and Act, just because Act has fluoride and I have been prone to cavities. 171 more words

TUTORIAL | Dites stop aux pieds secs

Généralement, au début du mois de septembre les beaux jours reviennent après un mois d’août plus que médiocre… On a souvent le droit à un beau soleil et à des températures clémentes, alors on ressort nos sandales portées pendant l’été. 176 more words

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Listerine makes your scalp tingle...

From a wartime issue of Astounding Magazine.

I presume gargling with Head and Shoulders is not as efficacious.

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