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My top 10 British comedy series, part one

So, here’s another list stolen from inspired by Abbi over at Where the Wild Things Are.  I never write about TV but couldn’t resist the temptation to share my favourite British comedies because, when I’m not watching films, I’m probably watching one of these.   1,073 more words


5 kids' films that scared the crap out of me

Anyone who’s been here before has probably picked up on my love of horror films.  I’ve liked them as long as I can remember, and started watching them as a youngster.   528 more words


just life: #100happydays

And here we go with days 31-40…

Day 31 (10/6/14):

*Finally putting up Halloween decorations.

Other qualifying moments for the day: Feeling semi-confident that this latest flare-up is behind me. 480 more words


in the reading room: my weeded down pool for Dewey's Read-a-Thon

Weeded down. LOL. Hey, it was almost cut in half, so that’s good, huh? I so love reading what lines strike people’s fancies, and it’s so interesting how extremely varied the choices end up being from person to person. 1,870 more words

Book Stuff

in the reading room: help me weed down my read-a-thon pile?

Pretty please.

It’s that time…time to make preparations for Dewey’s Read-a-Thon. :)  And what’s more important to prepare than the old book pile! (Yeah, okay, I could make a serious argument that the food is every bit as important, but today I’m focused on my book mountain.) And seeing how I am quite possibly the slowest reader on the planet, I don’t really need a book mountain. 1,419 more words

Book Stuff

Project Borg: learning from the past year

Last year, I decided to put my list-making and inventorying obsession to good use and document every item I finished.  Here is the list:

November 2013… 859 more words


Project Borg: to raise the quality of sewing

To recap, I make sewing related lists obsessively. They seem to follow several themes: plans, wardrobe development, and inventories of things purchased, made, and wanted. They’re basically like doodles… Instead of drawing pictures, I write notes. 237 more words