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Hit Them Baby, One (more) Time..

I’m becoming a list-maniac you see… the book list, the wish list , the date-movie list and now… the hit list.. March was a terrible month for me, and I was soo pissed off at everyone and anyone.. 585 more words


8 Tamil Movies to watch on a Date..

Weekend..  And u are practically bored to death.. How does a movie date in your couch with your partner sound??  Married or in a relationship, doesn’t matter.. 834 more words


Who Will Die On The Walking Dead Season Four Finale?

it’s that time of year again…the finale episode of THE WALKING DEAD is upon and like in previous years the question arises of just who will be biting the big one. 677 more words


Which DC Comics Character Is The Rock Going To Be Playing?

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has gotten fanboys from across the full spectrum of geeky fandom (comics, action movie and wrestling) all abuzz with one little tweet. 473 more words


A Few Cases Of Chuck Cunningham Syndrome

In the annals of TV Tropes, Chuck Cunningham Syndrome represents the tendency some TV shows have to completely disappear a character with no explanation whatsoever. The fella it’s named after, Chuck Cunningham, was the basketball loving older brother of Richie Cunningham om HAPPY DAYS who one day went off to college and was never heard from again. 878 more words


Where Is The Cast of Farscape Now?

A few weeks ago there was news of a possible continuation of the great SyFy series FARSCAPE being in the works that would deal with the, now 19 year-old, child of Capt. 2,164 more words


Alexa Selph : : Market Forecast

Adjectives continue
their downward spiral,
with adverbs likely to follow.

Wisdom, grace, and beauty
can be had three for a dollar,
as they head for a recession. 248 more words