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Today Today and Today A Year Ago

My favorite way to make it through a difficult day (or time or hour or minute) is to remind myself that one year from now, this will be a silly memory, this will have a different meaning, I’ll have more perspective. 530 more words

The Mundane

Completely Unrelated Thoughts, Plus Jesse Pinkman

Does anyone else think it’s really amusing when someone tries so hard, so painfully hard, to find a million different ways to say something that could have been said with one word, but they are hell-bent against using that word and instead are left sounding like incoherent better-than-thou jargonistas who really don’t sound like they have a jaw-poppingly large vocabulary – they sound like they are trying really, really, really hard to avoid saying the word that it’s so heart-breakingly obvious they want to say? 899 more words

2 Pennies

Fictional Bucket List

You know what would be cool? Being able to have long, involved conversations with animals. Or, having a (half) giant come to tell  you that you’re a wizard. 283 more words


My Name is Derek And I Am A Hate-Watcher

Admitting one has a problem is the first step to getting better, right? Anyway hate-watching is different from watching a show you hate because there is a part of you that wants to like the show despite all of its flaws. 1,211 more words


in the reading room: excited for a special sort of theme month

I need to say a very big thank you to my dear, dear friend Chris…it’s thanks to him that I finally feel like blogging again. 1,321 more words

Book Stuff

My 6 Must Watch Summer TV Shows

Long gone are the olden days when summertime meant the TV landscape was filled with nothing but re-runs and sports no one cares about. Nowadays some fo the best TV runs through the summer months and with that in mind I have come of with this nifty list of the 6 shows that should be on every couch potatoes viewing list.


Friday Five #1

So, what’s this Friday Five thing? It’s a constantly evolving list of things, ideas, observations, what have you nots going on during my week that I share every Friday. 124 more words