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Listography #53-Top 15 New Musicians/Bands I Discovered in the Last Year

So here are some new musicians/bands that I discovered over the past year.  That being said.. some of the artists are from the past, the current, the trendy, and maybe not so much.  37 more words


Listography #52-Top Ten Things about Doing Listographies

It has been a year of narrating my life, likes, and dislikes into lists.  Here are the reasons I have enjoyed this experiment.

1. Sparks creativity… 35 more words


Listography #51-Top Ten Chores I Can't Stand

1.  Taking the garbage out.

2.  Folding clothes.

3.  Putting away the dishes.

4.  Dusting.

5.  Raking the yard.

6.  Washing the car.

7.  Grocery shopping. 11 more words


Listography #50-Top 5 Things I Hope to Accomplish in my Lifetime

1.  Travel to Ireland

2.  Publish a poetry book

3.  Take my son to his first concert

4.  Go to the East Coast during autumn… 7 more words


Listography #49-Top Ten Boys Names I Like

1. Michael

2. Darren

3.  Justin

4.  Drake

5.  Corbin

6.  Hunter

7.  Gabe

8.  Rory

9.  Isaac

10.  Saul


Listography #48-Top Ten Favorite Girl Names

lol… and this is why the world is thankful I didn’t have a girl.

1.  Rhiannon

2.  Viviane

3.  Aerin

4.  Savannah

5.  Celeste

6.  Echo

7.  Ivy

8.  Zoey

9.  Autumn

10.  Lucy