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I have six days left, everyone.

Six days left at my current job before I embark on my next adventure.*

And while it’s exciting to train someone to do your job…or to say goodbye to co-workers and volunteers…or relish my last free lunches, I’m starting to get that senior spring itch. 187 more words

Listography Updates!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated/added on to my listography page!  Check it out sometime today as I’ll be adding more to my lists and, hopefully, make a couple of new ones : ) 13 more words

The Daily

Listography #57-Top 25 Chick Flicks/Girly Movies I Watch For A Little More Girl Time

Okay… I can say these would be the movies I watched for self empowerment or to embrace the female spirit… but lets be honest…  these are the movies you curl up with in a fluffy blanket and tub of ice cream.  163 more words



If time was no longer an issue-

My To-Do List

-Read more books (I’d start with Vonnegut.)
-Backpack through Europe for a year
-Learn French, German, && Spanish (in that order!) 46 more words

Listography #56-Top 25 Movies I Would Play on a Horror MovieFest

I enjoyed the Nerd night list that I figured I would do a Horror one, and Chick Flick one.  Sorry for the redundancy, but enjoy this list of gory flicks that I would play if I was to host a horror movie night.  58 more words


Bright Collaged Bits, OR an Alma Mater Love Letter

A while back, a few students at my university started a school “admirers” page on Facebook. People would anonymously submit affectionate shoutouts to be posted by the admins in the form of a status. 1,030 more words


Listography of Toi 12: Turned-on

These are the lists that tell my life story. They are in no particular order and some of them are very personal. Please be nice, and if you want to share, I’d be glad to take a look at what you have. 88 more words

Toi Thomas