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I’ve always been a huge fan of any and every kind of water body Nature has fashioned. Honestly, they all beguile me in some way. 1,518 more words


Twelve Things Your Server is Sick of Hearing

For the past five years I’ve worked as a waitress in a small, local restaurant. The job has served as a safety net while I explore other aspects of my life, but in less than two weeks I’ll be leaving the comfort of steady work to focus more on my photography. 1,331 more words


Addicted to Reading

The link below is to an article (really a list) that takes a look at whether or not your addicted to reading.

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CCTV without audio being installed in unnecessary but not particularly intrusive locations still could be classed as creepy.  Not in our office.  Now we don’t… 284 more words



Triumph!  Self can finally remove one piece from her humongous, ever-growing, overflowing Pile of Stuff:  The New York Review of Books Mar. 6, 2014 issue. 222 more words


10 Movies that Could Be TV Shows

TV shows based on movies are more popular than ever. Recent shows like Hannibal,  Bates Motel, and the brand new FX series Fargo have succeeded with new ways of presenting old stories. 1,176 more words


I was going to do that, and then I thought better of it

Things I Was Going To Do But Then I Thankfully Reconsidered:

  • Publish a blog post of my memoirs as a homeschooler with thinly veiled descriptions of all of the most interesting and bizarre kids, with a particular focus on their mega-creepster parents and the dark comedy of religious fundamentalism…
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