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The Top 5 Character Types You'd Encounter in an Anime Harem

As your usual anime fan-girl, animes with the romance genre are the top things I love watching. To see how an adorable story unfolds and follow it from the first to the last episode is a great way to spend your free time. 872 more words


Getting left home alone is a terrifying experience

Recently my entire family (by that I mean my mum, stepdad, brother and sister) went away on a little week long break to Cornwall, leaving me to ‘guard’ and watch the house. 462 more words


List 3: Music My Kids Must Experience

When I think back about the things that have impacted my life, it’s kind of weird to say that music is right up there.  Many of life’s important occasions, whether it be my wedding or celebrating my daughter’s birthday are punctuated by very distinctive background music.   433 more words


5 songs from the year I could legally get drunk

A very big HAPPY 25th BIRTHDAY to my ultimate long-time best friend C.L.M.! This post is especially for you…

Right well this was supposed to be a traditional 5-list and after messaging my abovementioned high school bestie for some extra inspiration, in case I’d forgotten any of our classic anthems, which I definitely had, it turned into a one-hour lament session during which we messaged each other youtube clips from our past. 565 more words


5 habits to be mindful about passing down to our children

Kids are cute. We all know this. I could show you about 900 different photos of my little Haley that I find ab-so-lutely adorable and perfect and amazing and… I could tack about a million other positive descriptions onto this sentence, but you get the picture. 966 more words


Catching Up: Books of The Economist, 15 March 2014

No more apologies!  Self is going to get to the every single back issue of The Economist (Her subscription is good until next year), by hook or by crook! 244 more words


List 2: My Business Goals

I’m just going to put this out there – posting your business goals out there for everyone to see is ridiculously scary.  Once it’s out there, it just feels so permanent and so public that if you accomplish anything less, you’re going to be considered a failure.   292 more words