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The 2014/2015 Premier League Season: A Review So Far (Part Two)

The Average Joes

Given the ever expanding chasm between the teams that rank amongst the elite in the Premier League in terms of finance and consequently personnel, a glass ceiling of sorts separates those who can only dream of such opulence. 1,441 more words


A Tribute to Oscar De La Renta, Top 10 Red Carpet Looks!

There is nothing new that I can say about Oscar de la Renta that’s not already been said. He was a brilliant designer and an inspiration to many. 147 more words


The top TEN best "procrastination station" games of mine

I believe we have all been in that spot: “Finish work, or play video games”… It is harder than Sophie’s Choice. The internal force compelling you to finish just one more quest is battling with your mother’s, father’s, teacher’s, boss’s voices in your head telling you to get your butt in motion and work! 2,822 more words


Oh Yes, I Can't

I’m convinced my husband was a motivational speaker in a previous life (maybe a not-so-successful one living in a van down by the river, but still . 1,066 more words


How-to: Have a Healthy Recharge

Hello lovely folks,

This past week has been anything but easy for me. As many of you know, I am two weeks from my due date for my first beautiful baby but the process is sucking the energy from my body. 607 more words


On two years and two billion transformations

You may have noticed a sharp decline in my postings after the initial onslaught of graduate school. Looking back it seems that I was able to eek out three posts during my first term and then disappeared. 619 more words