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The Holiday Survival Guide

The holidays, in all their glory, are still a stressful and difficult time. As nice as it is to spend time with family, and perhaps even get some time off of work, we still have to worry about all the planning that goes into it. 359 more words

The Top 10 Films of 2014

The movies have been poured over, the thoughts have been banged about and with my apologies to a number of movies I absolutely love ( 29 more words



As of last Thursday I am officially graduated.

Everything before that was portfolio building, announcement sending, and brainstorming for jobs. Everything after has been an endless amount of thank you notes. 462 more words



Dear Reader,

Because it’s Christmas break and I’m at home, being a hermit, I’ve been obsessed with WordPress and blogging in general. And not just writing and sharing–but finding new blogs and interacting and socializing (which is really ironic, considering I seem to only leave my room for food these days). 477 more words


Parental Rites of Passage

There are certain things that all parents of babies and young children experience.  Parental “Rites of Passage”, if you will.  As a father of three small children (six and younger), I can assure you that a great many of these come from personal experience. 210 more words


12 Reasons Why the Week Won’t Suck: December 21 - 24

Just in case you hadn’t noticed, the holiday-di-tutti-holidays looms immediately upon us. Yes, Christmas is here–and that’s good and bad and magical and horrible. The holiday is all things to all people. 911 more words


8 Reasons Why Winter Break is Better in New England

8.  It Actually Feels Like Christmas

We have snow and it is cold.  There are fires roaring in every house and trucks with plows on them.   299 more words