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Early Versions of Texas' State Motto

  • Don’t mess with Texas – it’s fine just the way it is!
  • Don’t mess with Texas. If you do, we’ll have to start all over again.
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Always, Abigail (Nancy J. Cavanaugh)

Hey, Squinklebooks Squad!  I’ve got a great new book to recommend to you today.  Always, Abigail is a fantastic twist on the epistolary novel, and I think you’re really going to love it.  Who doesn’t love making lists to be more organized?  Nancy J. 358 more words


Five Random Favorites

This is a pretty random list of favorite things that are on my mind this morning, so that I can link up with Mama Knows, Honeychild… 581 more words


Blogging is definitely something new to me. I’ve broken 10 posts, but that really doesn’t count for much, especially when it comes down to the amount of people actually taking the time to read it! 188 more words


Thoroughly Nourished Finds: Rainy Days Edition

I had an amazing zucchini and chocolate cake to share with you today. Had. Until I went to turn it out of the pan and my perfect cake became a pile of crumbs, chocolate chips, and devastation. 696 more words


Bathroom Rules for Men

The Buffer Zone – Guys this isn’t just a punchline for movies. The buffer zone exists. If you walk into the bathroom and there are six empty urinals and only one person is peeing don’t go stand right next to that person. 310 more words


10 Reasons Why We Love Listing Things

Ever notice the amount of headlines that begin with ’20 Reasons Why…”. Yes, they’re those annoying articles that that one friend is constantly linking you. Well, here’s another one! 973 more words