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10 Things of Thankful

It’s Thanksgiving in America! Happy Thanksgiving, Americans! Happy Thursday, everyone else in the world who’s probably at work today because it’s just a regular weekday! 736 more words


My Favorite Inspirational Video Game Quotes

There are a ton of memorable lines in video games. Here are just a few of these quotable quotes that may have some deeper meaning in them. 992 more words


Black Ales For Black Friday: Record Store Day Picks and Pre-Work Beers

It really is awesome that there are so many Thanksgiving beer pairings around the internet. But it made me wonder what beer someone working on Thanksgiving night (aka myself) or Black Friday should consume before heading into the masses. 636 more words


5 step guide to breastfeeding

I knew I was going to breastfeed my child, from the moment I got pregnant. Why? Mainly because I am a mammal with two fully functioning mammary glands. 885 more words


43 Things I Am Thankful For

On this Thanksgiving day, I wanted to reflect on the positive things in my life. I feel it’s important to spell these things out because it can be easy to take one’s blessings for granted. 522 more words


tish's things for which she is thankful...

Last year at this time, I was 47 pounds heavier, wearing clothes that did not fit, cramming food I didn’t want to eat down my throat to keep me from saying things I wanted to say to my so called “family.” I was cold, miserable and dying inside. 318 more words

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