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montage no 418

i twinkle and
i spill and
i but and
i bye bye
i pull time down

all words are kevin killian the cat’s meow



maybe its the expectations we promised not to have
the blind acceptance of what is here being shown in front of us
to only look when we need the connection… 16 more words


i have no beautiful words conjured up to save
instead ive been throwing them about
hoping i will grab ahold of one to escape


it starts with an
‘i dont know’
not having placement
not knowing where the words go

surely ill follow where they lead
constantly wondering
what it is this time theyve got up their sleeve… 79 more words

the view from out here


they never found a way
they couldn’t save themselves from greed
it was as if they never drew something quite so serene

the humans,
they counted numbers… 146 more words


as thoughts dissipate
i’m silently screaming all my past mistakes
looking around
as if the sights should be enough to say
here you are
this is life
now go away