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A Certain Kind of Passion

There’s something beautiful in the way
he begs to share his words;

almost as if he can’t bear to hold their
weight upon his lips one second longer. 65 more words

'Between These Lines'

Another shot using a long exposure to produce trails of light. Once I’d done a lot of circular shapes,  I tried going up and down, with this as the result. 36 more words

Photography Genre

30 Day Book Challenge // 20

Favourite childhood book.

Artemis Fowl is the 12 year old son of an Irish crime lord. A child prodigy who leads the Fowl criminal empire. 79 more words


A Jesus Poem

I stared at the bottle in my hand

And thought to take a swig

Because I had been numb for a while

I just wanted to feel something… 231 more words



In 1987 a door-to-door saleswoman paused the stubs of her orthopaedic shoes at the edge of a private prairie. The lawn at 587 Pollock street was notoriously overgrown but she was determined to make a sale. 52 more words


This here is the holiest of shits –

true, we broke down during
the reign of cannons,
explosions mounting the air
like jaguars in heat, and joy… 50 more words