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“I wish I knew how much of it was true!”

–Thomas Hardy; Far From The Madding Crowd

The Chronicles Of RK

No Matter

No matter how hard you study, if you do not become one with the art you pursue you can never truly be one with the universe and the spirit of the thing itself will always elude you. 18 more words


Nine New Poems Published at Negative Suck

good morning! Just woke up, just put Beethoven’s 7th on my little record player. I need bacon and eggs and a gallon of coffee. Got an email from Negative Suck, that… 183 more words

Untold Stories

Now and then I wash upon

The shores of untold stories,

Begging to be told.

And as I crashed

Upon this sandy shore

Of a broken pair of lovers… 27 more words

Why Does She Smoke?

Every cloud of smoke exhaled is her,
screaming his name, from
mountain tops and seashores;
all out into the void.
Every long drag taken is… 43 more words

Blank Spaces

Strange how the blank spaces

suddenly appeared.

And the words your wrote

Stood idle and still,

But what can words do

Unless they are read or written? 9 more words