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Junk Removal

Its bewildering to drink
A dead woman’s Disaronno
A sip was gone from the bottle
She didn’t like it
And neither do i
But i’m about to finish… 62 more words



That day,

your birthday and the few hours

before felt like my birthday

our favorite day.

When you ate all 15

cookies I made

drank sparkling wine… 230 more words



I’ve been hearing it lately

The kind of quiet murmur in the back of my mind

There are no real words but I hear it… 156 more words

God's Gifts

This photo was taken when I was eight years old and about to make my First Communion. The nuns who taught us would take orders for our veils and holy missals. 63 more words


Strong Ladies

Karen, mimicking Bob Trortman’s Corporate Purgatory out side the Columbia Museum of Art.

I do have a great abiding love for Virginia Woolf; she comes and goes from my life, flitting here and there. 166 more words


The Wonders of the Invisible World

One of my favorite monographs is Cotton Mather’s Wonders of the Invisible World. Mather wrote it in 1693 as a vehicle to support his and many other idea that Witches were active  in Colonial Salem. 425 more words