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12 Compelling Reasons to Read More Books: Reason #4

You will improve your vocabulary.

The more words you’re capable of using, the better you will become at expressing your thoughts and feelings. I couldn’t imagine how I would write articles like this if I didn’t actively aim to expand my vocabulary, because using the same few words to express myself would get awfully boring in a hurry ( 14 more words


Music & Black History Part 1

As most know, I preach how music and film go hand n hand. And for what it’s worth, with both, you don’t just have a great commercial product, or groovy entertainment…you have a great source of history. 1,093 more words


Dilemma for Educators: Focus on Pisa Scores or Improve Quality of Education

Clive and I (Clare) are going to Bogota and Cartagena to present at two conferences: one for teacher educators and one for teachers. (More about our experience to follow.) In our correspondence with our Colombian hosts, who have been incredibly gracious, we get the impression they are very focused on improving Pisa scores. 183 more words


Don’t Forget About the Lions, Tigers and Bears (Oh My!)

You go to the library and your children are drawn to Dora the Explorer and Disney classics. But don’t forget about the wonderful world of non-fiction! 229 more words

Child Development

World Book Night

Last night was World Book Night. To my knowledge, no one in my community or the surrounding area participates in World Book Night. I had never heard of it before, and I don’t recall how I found out about it. 281 more words


Creative writing or is it? - Are you helping or hindering the process

Creative writing is an experience that helps children develop divergent thinking, vocalize and consolidate their imagination and provide a medium for self-expression. All children have a story to tell and gifted children are no different. 674 more words


The Bee Is May 1st - Get Your Seat Before They're Gone!

For thousands of years, thinkers have marveled at the feat of engineering that is the honeycomb,

observers a Discovery News article discussing the process by which honeycombs are formed.

582 more words
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