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playing with letters

I found these collages on my computer, but cannot find the source. Could they be by illustrator Serge Bloch? This could be a fun project for primary school children.


Rancho Cucamonga New Media Storytime Training #2

It’s been a busy week for trainings! Carisa and I visited the Rancho Cucamonga Library in Southern California for their second New Media Storytime Training, which is a pilot project connected to the California State Library’s… 503 more words


What we forget when we have learned to read:

Or why it can be difficult to be told to “just sound it out” :


Early readers begin with daily practice, preschool through grade 2 but which one of us, as adults, would easily make sense of this chart? 53 more words


Flipping Literacy into the Future

The idea of the Flipped Classrooms has been all the rage in education over the last five years or so. The basic premise is to provide a lecture video online for students and use class time for exercises and work, with the teacher there as support.  376 more words


Literacy Content Coaching

I have a great opportunity to be coached by my professors in various content areas throughout the year. This involves observations, post conferences and also assistance in planning lessons. 448 more words


Fairy tales

I’ve been reading more Philip Pullman this week, in particular his re telling of the classic fairy tales we all know and love. Very interesting reading. 32 more words


Electricity and the Joy of Learning

One of the greatest joys of my (Cathy’s) job is observing student teachers in their teaching practicums. In my next few blogs I will be happily sharing some of the highlights from these visits. 193 more words