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Book Week 2014

This week is Children’s Book Week. We had a very busy week. We recorded our week through diary entries. Here are a few.

Week 5… 421 more words

Port Elliot Primary School

Penguins in Peril

Each Monday we are looking at a different type of writing genre. We talk about it, look at what we can use it for eg. procedure and then the children give it ago. 158 more words

Port Elliot Primary School

A False Mirror

This is not the second Ian Rutledge mystery, it is the 9th or so. When I was at the bookstore last it was the only one I could find. 278 more words


المرأة العربية على موقع "فايسبوك" : بين التحرر والتحفظ 

بين التحرر والتحفظ، بين الحرية والقيد، بين الانفتاح والانغلاق تحل المرأة العربية في الوسط. يعجز

اي فرد على تحديد مفهوم واحد او كلمة واحدة يصف فيها المراة العربية.

[room 329] reading a-z

Currently, my favorite website is not a social media one, even though I do spend time on those. Currently, my favorite website is called Reading A-Z… 95 more words


Close Up View of Your iPad

Don’t be dazzled by the pretty flowers. Watch your fingers!

Reading can be dangerous!


Reflections on Illich 04: Why so long to do such simple stuff (and then get it wrong at the end of the process)

Illich, I. (1970). Deschooling Society. Cuernavaca, Mexico: CIDOC.  Downloadable from: http://www.preservenet.com/theory/Illich/Deschooling/intro.html

pp. 13-14  “There are very few skills that cannot be mastered by intensive drill over a relatively short time at a cost far less than the cost of 12 years of schooling.” 527 more words

Ivan Illich