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Everybody Reads

Nobody obeys.

Grocery Store Back Door, Okanagan Falls, Canada

Creative Writing

I am Not a Reading Teacher

“Gatekeepers of Information” a term often associated with overzealous technology directors who overblock websites denying students and teachers access to information.

I want to offer a different lens on the “Gatekeeper” label to include educators who claim no responsibility in the teaching of literacy strategies because they are not the “reading teacher.” When one takes this stance, students are denied skills, strategies, and opportunities to understand content specific rhetoric. 373 more words


A Momentous Paradigm Shift, The Long Journey of an Aspiring Writer and Some Babbling?

   The Gutenberg Elegies by Sven Birkerts is a book that features a series of pieces that discuss literature, writing, and the ever changing state of literacy in our society today. 1,017 more words

Great to meet you Tarita!

Hurray!  Roo and Tarita finally managed to get a session reading together.  Tarita is a lovely reader, and really likes dogs as well, so Roo felt extra special.   8 more words

Roo's Friends

The Importance of Being Literate

When I began college, I knew that I was going to be an English major. I was told that I would change my major because everyone does, and I replied, “No, I won’t.” And I didn’t. 1,069 more words

P1a The Gruffalo

P1a have had a lot of fun making Gruffalo masks!