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Semiotic Messages in Advertisement

This advertisement, posted by Kielo Travel, presents multiple messages in a multitude of ways. The linguistic message, the message presented by the actual text, asks the viewer/reader if they are “Dreaming of a holiday?”. 176 more words


Mike McHargue of the Liturgists responds to Michael Gungor controversy

Mike McHargue (Science Mike) of the Liturgists joined me to talk about the Michael Gungor/Liturgists controversy. Recently, there has been some heated discussion concerning statements Michael Gungor and Mike McHargue made dealing with how they interpret the Bible. 50 more words


Berries and bicycle chains

I’ve been getting my hands dirty a lot lately. That’s one of those expressions whose metaphorical meaning has overtaken its literal one. Or has it? As I write I am itching to look ‘to get one’s hands dirty’ up in a good dictionary, but since I sadly don’t own one and am currently without internet, I will have to hash out my own explanation. 1,326 more words

The Long Way Up!

So we had a fabulous holiday in France, now the 850 miles journey in reverse!!  Didn’t quite go as planned, but hey, it was all good! 1,338 more words


These phrases, and questions, are likely to confuse people with Asperger's. Unless confusing us is your goal (and why would you want to do that?), please consider alternate wordings.

Throughout this post, I will refer to people with Asperger’s as “Aspies.” This is not considered a derogatory term; it’s simply how we refer to ourselves. 1,495 more words


Did Darwin Kill God?

A while back there was an hour long documentary called “Did Darwin Kill God?” The film advocated theistic evolution (the belief that evolution can fit into the Bible). 2,395 more words