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The layers

speak of neglect

and distraction,

of time passing.

Traces of us

settle on ledges

and I am loath

to find a cloth

and wipe us off.



The boys are tri-lingual, I speak to them in English, S in Catalan and at school the majority of their classmates are Spanish speaking. Sometimes they get muddled and come out with literal translations like I’m really hungry to see my friend or I have no poo, when asked if they need the loo. 248 more words


Where is the middle of nowhere?

Where is the middle of nowhere?

Maybe ‘The Middle of Nowhere’ is the name of a place, just as China in Chinese stands for Middle Country. 547 more words


JavaScript: Make a Real typeof

The problems with JavaScript’s typeof operator are manifold. It is so restricted, that its only use is in testing for undefined. The main culprit cause these restrictions is the loose typing together with the automatic type coercion: … 847 more words


Is Literacy Literal? Is Good Writing Good?

Is Literacy Literal? Is Good Writing Good?

The book definition of the word literal is being able to read and write. If you can read some words and write some words, you are considered literate. 610 more words



Ever been called a smartass?  I have.  Why? Probably because I tend to take questions and comments literally and respond likewise.

For example, if someone asks me, “What’s up?” I answer, “The sky.” 149 more words