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Not so "literally speaking"

We all know that DC is very literal (see Literally Speaking)  in his speech and way of thinking. Aside from his black and white,  no-gray-area way of communicating and understanding and his just one mumbled word responses, his manner of speaking is at times very formal, for lack of a better word. 657 more words


Weird things people (and I) say

  • “They say…” Who are these ‘they’? These elusive people whose opinion we place in high regard. What power do these ‘they’ have over us?
  • “Holy shit!” If we were to take this literally, it would make absolutely no sense.
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Only Crazies Take The Bible Literally

“Do you take everything in the Bible literally?” I was asked.

“No” I said. And I think you’re probably a bit of an idiot if you do. 871 more words

This is what I think every time someone orders an everything bagel at work…


The Doctrines

This is a series of short articles which I am yet to write about recent culminations of wisdom. I write it because, first and foremost, this guide is for me. 153 more words


When Debate Makes Us "Christians" Forget That We Are Brothers

A sad part about the reactionary culture thriving within many Christian communities, something I think probably stems from human nature not necessarily poor leadership, is that when we dialogue about complex and controversial issues, especially within the realm of theology, many times we walk away from our discussions with an unhealthy and ungodly perspective of our Christian brothers and sisters we talked with. 706 more words