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Monday Musings: Spring Contest Wrap-Up!

I love everything about Spring! The new blooms, amazing weather, and the promise of a soon-to-be summer filled with lazy days by the pool.  One other thing I love about Spring is the flurry of writing contests on the horizon! 276 more words


New Book!

What do you do when the law fails you? You do what’s necessary to make things right again.

I recently completed a 62,000-word teenage/crossover novel dealing with international child abduction – you know, boy from one country meets girl from another country, boy marries girl, boy and girl have child, boy and girl split up, girl goes back to own country and takes child with her, boy kicks up a stink by claiming the kid’s been “abducted”. 3,482 more words

Free Samples (Children's Books)

First Five Frenzy with Dr. Uwe Stender of TriadaUS Literary Agency

If you’re like me, you toil for hours editing and fine-tuning the first pages of your manuscript. You look at the first lines to make sure they are compelling and tight.  630 more words


And I’m from the murder capital where they murder for capital

Back when I was a mushroom getting my MFA, there was a woman in my workshop who dazzled. She wasn’t taller than everyone, she only seemed that way.

847 more words

Beneath the Rotting Eggs... Gold!

Sometimes the computer age sucks.

Sucks big.

Sucks stinking, rotten ostrich eggs by the bushel-full. .. No, I don’t even know if that allusion/metaphor/whatever makes a hill of beans worth of sense, but I couldn’t come up with anything better since my imagination has been sucked dry and bloody raw by the aforementioned computer freaking age! 350 more words


Trial by Fire

I walked through fire — literally. However, before I get to that let me backtrack a bit to the main point of this post. Right about now, I think I am long overdue for a general life and agent-search update, seeing as documenting my path to publication was the whole intent of beginning this blog in the first place. 336 more words


A Mention of Rejection

Well, hello there.

I want to talk a little bit about rejection. And I’m not talking “Aw, my boyfriend broke up with me and we’ve been dating for a whole month!” type of rejection. 403 more words