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I think I'm pretty

Not ever, really. Sometimes, when the sun hits me right and my high-sodium dinner regroups in my morning lip fat, and I walk past the mirror at the proper speed and angle. 479 more words


Ask the Expert- Agent John Talbot

Jessie: In New Hampshire, neck deep in knitting projects to stave off the cold.

Today we are delighted to have literary agent John Talbot visiting the Wickeds today. 1,624 more words

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Squivel Update: Which way in?

It was a long street, lined with brightly lit houses on either side. Dusk was falling and a cold wind was blowing from the north. Though the curtains were drawn and the windows shut, he heard the sound of music and laughter at every house he passed. 429 more words


Re-imagining Your Publishing Career

Although it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, I’ve learned one important lesson after graduating NYU SPI and getting a full-time job: publishing is hard.

I knew it was tough to break into the market, and I knew you had to put forth a lot of effort to get a job, but I had no idea just how competitive this field is. 705 more words


Substantiating Your Business Expenses Is Critical to Keeping Them

By Gary A. Hensley, MBA, EA

By and large, the rules are straightforward:  the burden of substantiating the “income” of a taxpayer falls on the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the burden of substantiating expenses (or deductions) falls totally on the taxpayer. 525 more words

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On Agent Queries and Denial By Silence

Hello, Blogosphere, and good morning.

So I haven’t quite figured out whether I love the publishing process, or I hate it.

Like I said in the last post, I just sent in two queries to agents Saturday night, and to be honest, I think those two are going to be my last for a while. 561 more words


Life Cycle of a Writer - Jan Brigden

My little update …

I’m excited to say that I’ve started submitting my first novel ‘As Weekends Go …’ to literary agents.

At last!

“Sound the *cheer & fear in equal measures* klaxon!” 260 more words

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