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Thoughts on Thoreau's "Walking" - The Idea Of "The West"

The “West” in Thoreau’s “Walking”

In contemporary American discourse, “the West” is often used to indicate and distinguish a geographic location, or the western European cultural sphere. 1,335 more words

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Thoughts On Jane Eyre - Situating The Text In History

Jane Eyre – A Modern Epoch

Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre is situated in the context of mid 19th century Victorian Britain, during the modern period. At this time the emergence of the “horizontal society” was well established, taking place after the transitioning events of the enlightenment era and industrial revolution. 973 more words

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Poe & Gillman - On The 19th Century Household

Perspectives of the Domesticated Space…

         In the short stories “The Fall of the House of Usher” and “The Yellow Wallpaper”, nineteenth century domesticated space is subverted as to reconceive of the domestic realm from a perspective alternate to that of Victorian society. 1,178 more words

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The Human Condition in WAR AND PEACE

Some think that this life is a dress rehearsal for the eternal reward to come; others think that this is all we’ve got, so we’d better make the most of it now.  602 more words

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A Poet's Personal Mythology: Bishop, Minus Elizabeth

One of Elizabeth Bishop’s most well-known and adamant poetic techniques is her ability to place deliberate distance between real events of the poet’s life and the life of the speaker on the page. 4,533 more words


Impersonal Grief in Larry Levis' "Elegy with a Bridle in its Hand"

Larry Levis’ poem “Elegy with a Bridle in its Hand,” describes the demise of a group of horses, but soon branches out to a poem of glory passed, of death and personal grief. 754 more words


The Parallelism of the Setting and the Apartheid System: A Coffee for the Road Analysis Paper

            The dominant emphasis on the story’s setting and the constant obstacles of the road trip reflect how the apartheid system demeans the characters‘cultural identity. The author’s focused description on the environment foreshadows how the road to South Africa can become the desert of inequality. 459 more words

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