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IGCSE English Lit: Final Readings in Frankenstein

At last, we come to the end of our first literary journey.

Our final readings in Frankenstein will comprise the last few chapters in Volume 3. 93 more words

Literary Analysis

NIV 50th Anniversary and Translation Strategy

Tonight at the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society, Zondervan sponsored a dinner celebrating the 50th anniversary of the NIV translation. It was a well-done event with videos featuring members of the Committee on Bible Translation, a great meal, a touching tribute to Doug Moo (the current chairman), and a delightful gift of a leatherbound NIV for all attendees. 789 more words


A Lugubrious Commentary on a Soulless Society - On Reading Will Self's 'My Idea of Fun.'

A number of critics that I’ve come across have compared My Idea of Fun (1993) with Bret Easton Ellis’ 1991 novel American Psycho. This is not, I imagine, generally intended as a compliment. 548 more words

Literary Analysis

Wednesday and Thursday, Nov 5-6 Looking at Small Moments

After reading “Marigolds”, the students chose a theme of the story. Three textual examples are needed to support this theme. Look at the textual examples for Literary Devices like sentence structure, personification, symbolism, diction choice, metaphors/smilies, etc to see how this literary device supports your theme. 20 more words

Mirroring of Mother and Daughter: The Long Journey to Independence in Annie John

The first person narrative novel, Annie John, by Jamaica Kincaid, recounts coming of age stories of Annie John. In this novel, Kincaid demonstrates the themes of mother-and-daughter relationship and self-identity. 2,244 more words



My head hurts. I had a relatively good day. My poem was the first to be critiqued in class and I got a good reception on all of my poems and I’m truly flattered. 255 more words

It's A Mystery

IGCSE English Lit: Frankenstein, Vol. 2

This Week

We will wrap up our discussions of the sublime and Coleridge’s “Frost at Midnight”, and we will move forward through Vol. 2 of Mary Shelley’s… 67 more words

Literary Analysis