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The Meta Self

If you knew someone else was going to read your confession, would you edit it? How honest would you be about your boss’ unwanted affections? Your lover’s crippled self-esteem and neediness? 1,825 more words

Literary Analysis

Jane Eyre: Literature's Favorite Introvert

I recently watched a film version of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre (a most excellent adaptation too, I may add). This particular version was made in 2011 with Mia Wasikowska, a gaunt, petite actress whose understated acting style and mousy yet soulful face was perfect for the role. 488 more words

Literary Analysis

The Panasonic Nature of White Noise

On White Noise, By Don Delillo:


            The dull, constant reverberations of white noise are one of the single most preeminent, omnipresent sounds discernable in perceptible reality. 1,891 more words


Scaffolding Towards AP Lit with Literary Analysis

Maybe your school has an undesirable course that all your department members try to avoid.

Grammar for Writing? Ugh.

Economics? Eek.

Well, for some crazy reason, English 10 is the unwanted reject in my English department, and lucky for me, all this other-teacher-avoidance means I’ve been able to snag… 1,060 more words

Literary Jargon is Important to Your Understanding of Everything Around You AND VICE VERSA

Part of my work in these past two weeks has been gaining an understanding of the “modernist” and “postmodernist” literary voices, and how the voice of the beat generation is defined. 509 more words

Literature And Poetry

The Self

Lately, I’ve found myself awash in waves of nostalgia, warped by the fog of years. I began writing this on my birthday, sitting alone in a hotel bar, soaking in a beer-bolstered Aussie’s insistent conversation several seats away. 1,172 more words

Literary Analysis

The Unholy Trinity: Satan, Sin, and Death in Milton's Paradise Lost

Satan, Sin, and Death represent a perversion of the Holy Trinity in Milton’s Paradise Lost, working as ideological opposites both in terms of how they are portrayed and in their moral characters when compared to their divine counterparts. 3,543 more words

Literary Analysis