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Next-in-Reading #25: Biophilia

Title: Biophilia
Author: Wena Poon
Year: 2006
BookSurge Publishing

“Note to self: never get slapped twice by a polar bear. Especially a Nagy polar bear. 478 more words

Joelyn Alexandra

New Article in JTS on Luke's Temple Theology

In March, I posted a presentation I had made to the Cambridge Graduate NT seminar on the theological importance of the Jerusalem temple in the Gospel of Luke. 450 more words

New Testament

This Body is a Wonderland: Imagery in Fiction

Jessica Shattuck’s “Bodies” compiles various images and descriptions into a well layered piece of work, each working towards Annie’s insight of the world as a recovering cancer patient. 778 more words

Literary Analysis

Wordplay in Genesis 11:9

Many are familiar with the story of Babel. After the flood, a group of prideful city folks try to build a city and a tower that reaches the heavens. 309 more words


Who are you?

Recently, I’ve been compelled by a different side of writing: the whole voyeuristic, social experiment, stalking-with-camera-equipment-through-the-savanna-while-whispering-dangerously-loud-play-by-plays. It goes beyond a private desire to don a lab coat and safari hat whilst standing behind a two-way mirror and exclaiming “Crikey!” at what’s happening on the other side. 1,288 more words


Next-in-Reading #24: Little Women

Title: Little Women
Author: Louisa May Alcott
Year: 2012
Vintage Classics

“I’ve got the key to my castle in the air, but whether I can unlock the door remains to be seen.” … 768 more words

Joelyn Alexandra