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Reading the Canon

I’ve been doing a lot of reading for University and I want to ask something: Does anyone else feel a certain satisfaction from reading a lot of “canon” approved texts? 48 more words


Fantasy in the Literary Canon

So I’ve been endeavouring to make my way through the Wheel of Time series, by the author, Robert Jordan, and, while doing so, have been considering the unbalanced nature of literary canon. 779 more words

Owning Up...

I read a lot.  A.  Lot.  Back before Goodreads, I used to have a list of every book I owned.  It was single spaced, and it was over 60 pages long.   518 more words

Authorial & Literary Assumptions

Growing up, whenever I considered the authors who wrote the literary classics taught in school, this image of Henry David Thoreau in Walden would materialize—even before I got introduced to that particular novel. 688 more words

Authorial & Literary Assumptions

Canon Withdrawal - Creativity, Freedom and Criticism

For literature students and the keen reader,  the Western canon of  literature is  the beginning and the end of the academic reading experience. You can define the canon to its bare bones by the giants of each era or the more detailed list of authors for the specialised academic. 1,347 more words