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John Milton

Dear Mr Milton,

(If someone is reading this to you, I do apologise. I am currently working on getting someone to do an audio description, but I am low on staff as it is… I will see what I can do though.) 564 more words

The Fault in Our Reading

When The Fault in Our Stars movie was released back in the summer, not all the reviews were pleasant. A writer over at Slate, however, went a step further and slammed the book as well. 901 more words

Time to lose the literary canon?

Hiba Bukhari (S1) doesn’t want anyone to dictate what she should and shouldn’t read. Here’s why..

A mind that can think for itself need not be restricted by others’ opinions. 419 more words


Moby-Dick: or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Canon

I’ve been hearing the advice to “toss out the canon” given to readers more and more of late (most recently in Austin Kleon’s email newsletter). While I agree that there are some wonderful books that are either too new or too overlooked to be considered part of the canon of Western literature, there’s also a reason that certain books are held in such high critical esteem, and not all novels are created equal. 390 more words


Screw the canon! Read what makes you happy!

A while ago I picked up Anna Karenina for probably the tenth time and attempted to read it. Like every other time that I have tried to read this novel, I became disinterested after a couple of pages and threw it down in frustration. 444 more words

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