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Adventures at Every Page Turn

Epic adventures into mystical lands that defy nature and science, creatures such as the proverbial fire-breathing dragon standing as the impossible enemy to the gallant and heroic knight in shining armor, battles and trials with seemingly hopeless odds… Sound familiar? 233 more words

Why Writing Banned Books Should Be Our Goal

It is my sincere desire to write a “banned book.”

This isn’t about sex and drugs, violence, and other taboos of our social conscience. I don’t wish to write a book that’s going to be controversial just because it’s stocked with profanity and behavioral license – everyone does that, and frankly it’s cliché. 524 more words


Removing the Read Tape, OR What I'm Reading

Yeah, the pun in the title is dumb. (Get used to it; I have a thing for silly titles.)

First of all, that awful cold is attenuating, and I feel better. 506 more words