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truthful perceptions: discernment

As a man, you are not here to set the world right, but to see it rightly. When to judge a situation rightly is to know what triggers your anger, your fear and your jealous emotions and then immediately stop, intervene with replacing negative images and stop the pattern of habitual behavior you would normally do. 104 more words

Domestic Violence

The Lighthouse Road by Peter Geye

For residents of Minnesota, The Lighthouse Road will read as an especially beautiful book about characters living in northern Minnesota during the late 1800s and early 1900s. 280 more words

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"And in the evening the whole life to smithereens"

Comrade Sacha Evans, her gaze ever inclined eastward to the Kremlin, has discovered a most curious interactive timeline, published by the Gorky Institute for World Literature in Moscow. 75 more words


Perfect by Rachel Joyce

This story present itself as one about a very simple subject: the loss of a minimal amount of time, two seconds, and the long-lasting impact such a loss can have on the lives of many. 232 more words

Book Reviews

Just Listen, part nineteen

This is the nineteenth post of Just Listen. We are close to the end, another four or five posts will bring me to my new novel, By Guidance of a Lover’s God. 1,023 more words

Low Fantasy

Quests and Other Such Adventures, by Jean Kari

1 August 2014 ~ Hyacinth Noir’s Lughnasadh Issue
Post II ~ Quests and Other Such Adventures, by Jean Kari

Learning about Lughnasadh, which I’m still trying to pronounce, felt akin to attending my family reunion and discovering that my new best friend is my second cousin twice removed. 

4,939 more words

The Author's Autopsy by Stacey Lane

Lane’s plays have been performed at over four hundred theatres on six continents. Her scripts are published with Furious Gazelle,  Dramatic Publishing, Playscripts Inc., Pioneer, Eldridge, Smith and Kraus, Heuer, Brooklyn Publishers, Next Stage Press, Manhattan Theatre Source, JAC Publishing, Thunderbolt Theatre & Film Productions, Seraphemera Books, San Luis Obispo Little Theatre, Sterling, Freshwater, Poydras Review, The Quotable, Euphony Journal, Germ Magazine, Mock Turtle Zine, Indian Ink, The Other Otter, Monologue Database, Actor Point, Canyon Voices, Whoopee Magazine, Steel Bananas and Scene4.   73 more words