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She quickly reveals herself in the mirror,

as I quietly peeped through the door.

The mounts are rich and pure,

curves are perfect I’m sure. 81 more words


Wish You Were Mine

I don’t know what it is that made me want you

I don’t know why I’m acting like this

Shyly I smile when I think of you… 117 more words


A Pitch for Justice


My name is John Cowan, a baseball writer, but in the summer and fall of 2015 I had to reinvent myself as a half-assed lawyer to do my job. 422 more words

1st Pages

ስለ ግጥም

ግጥም ሕይወት ስለ ርቀቷ ደስ ሲላት የምታዜመው ዜማ፥ ሲከፋት የምታንጎራጉረው እንጉርጉሮ፣ ሲነሽጣት የምታስነካው ሽለላ፣ ስታዝን የምታወርደው ሙሾ ነው። በግጥም ውስጥ ውበት እንጂ ክርፋት የለም።ግጥም ሐዘንን እንኳ ሳይቀር ባማረ ሁኔታ ለመግለፅ ሊውል የሚችል የስነፅሑፍ ዘውግ ነው።


መንተ ግጥሚ

ግጥሚ ህይወት መንተ ረቂቕ ባህርያታ ብረቂቕ መልክዑ ቃሕ እንትብላ እተዚሞ ዜማ ሓጎስ፣ እንትኸፍኣ እተዚሞ ድጒዓ፣ እንትትውፃዕሞ እንትትሕንግድ እትፍክሮ ፈኸራ፣ እንትትሓዝን እተልቅሶ መልቀስ እዩ።ኣብ ግጥሚ ፅባቐ ምበር ሕመቕ ፈፂሙ ቦታ ኣይብሉን። ግጥሚ ንሓዘን ኳ ከይተረፈ ኣመላኺዑ ናይ ምቕራብ ሓይሊ ዘለዎ ጨንፈር ስነ ፅሑፍ እዩ።


Just Listen, part three

This is part three of Just Listen. This is not very good timing for this section of the story. The death of a pagan, on Good Friday. 1,119 more words


Rainbow Fish, I'm holding on

I have this rainbow fish ornament. It’s not exactly from the children’s book but it’s similar. I got it as a gift from a friend after a quick road trip to California and back. 547 more words