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Amber Sparks and Electric Literature ask me about "Low brow entertainment"

Amber Sparks is one of my favorite writers around and I was so happy when she asked me what some of my low brow entertainment influences are from gaming to comics to infamous B-movies. 66 more words


Cellular Flash

“What did you say? You whispered,” she says softly raspy-tinged returning from a lull in vocalization. They are relaxing now in exhaustion-peace, under the blankets, warm, woolen and wet with sweat, cum, grape seed oil and Pink lubricant. 283 more words


We Call It Cheating

It’s where love meets desire on the corner of breakup and divorce. An evening out with the wrong person, and all we do is call it cheating, as though someone broke a handful of rules. 264 more words


The Story of Lynda Bellingham

The feeling to educate the world invoked her memoir book There’s Something I’ve Been Dying To Tell You. Of course, the title brings you into a state of motivation. 586 more words


Game over

Maybe he did lie. The reverend did lie. All those sermons about Jehovah’s great love, maybe they were cooked or just another version of seasoned fallacy, and the bible is just a textbook straight out of the middle age. 310 more words


Words I Love 018 - Iconic

Here’s my latest favourite word…




adjective: iconic

  1. 1.

    relating to or of the nature of an icon.

    “he became an iconic figure for directors around the world”

  2. 28 more words