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Conceptual Structural Design

During a literature review I’ve been conducting in my studio for the past two weeks, I found some interesting texts which I’ve summarized and used to position my evolving thesis abstract. 357 more words



As a little girl, they warned her, be careful for the monsters under your bed.

“And what about the angels?” she asked.

No one answered. It’s hard to believe in things you can’t see. 40 more words



What even is the 50 shades movie gonna be just like a theatre full of 40 yr old women eating popcorn and gasping and clutching their chests throughout 2 hours of softcore porn???????? Please no



have you ever watched an episode of something that was so horrible you just sat there afterward like did a group of people really read this script and say ‘wow great idea’


The Widow

Her children had finally grown old enough to live on their own, and while she was proud of them, she was left with something missing in her life. 89 more words


Wordsworth - Lucy Gray

Only a synopsis, retold as a fairy tale :-)


The Importance of Made Up Maps

I’m currently making my way through Margaret Atwood’s In Other Worlds: SF and the Human Imaginationa book devoted to, in large part, examining the history and psychology of science fiction as much as her own creation of it.   394 more words