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Broken Monsters by Lauren Beukes

Wowzer. I’ve never read Lauren Beukes work before. I’ve been a bit disappointed in myself that I wasn’t able to squeeze The Shining Girls into my reading schedule when it was initially released, but after finishing up  397 more words


How Do You Write Best?

I’m genuinely asking.

I’m always curious about this. I write best with music (and by best, I mean most easily and with fewest roadblocks) and on my laptop. 252 more words



We usually walk around the boulevard, a bit more out of habit than anything else. We have already lost any hope they are going to make use of us, but it’s always a good thing be at hand, only in case some novice wants to go inside some old topic or figure, and apply himself to the former school. 576 more words


Spec what now?

Over the past few months, three friends I consider to be prolific readers have asked me, ‘Speculative fiction? What’s that?’ And I have to confess that with every asking my response has mutated by degrees from faint incredulity to scathing exasperation, made worse when they respond with a haughty sniff and a muttered, ‘Oh, you mean sci-fi,’ following it with the more dismissive, ‘But it’s not real… 840 more words


Dole office birthday

It wasn’t the fact that I had to go to the dole office on my birthday.
It was that they forgot.
They didn’t even get me anything. 372 more words


Back in the NaNo Game

It’s that time of year again. Winter is on the horizon, the days have shortened, and the temperatures have dropped. The month of November, now more affectionately known to me as NaNoWriMo, is already almost over. 327 more words


Posthumous Films

Most blockbuster movies come to the big screen with a bit of fuss – a bit of glitz and glamour and red carpet hype. However, some emerge with a little less sparkle and an added poignancy, as a presence on the big screen is all too noticeably absent in pre-release interviews and premiere line-ups. 629 more words