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week van de afrikaanse roman

Today, in The Netherlands and Flanders (Belgium), starts the “week of the African novel”. I was eager to find who would be going to the Low Lands. 71 more words



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Regards from the author of… 48 more words

PwrPuffGzr Writes

On Teaching Writing in High School - Or, Why Anthony Esolen is Wrong

Anthony Esolen is a teacher and writer whom I profoundly respect and admire, and with whom I find myself almost constantly in disagreement. (Except for most of his stuff in the… 1,071 more words


Poetry Thursdays

Emily Ann Scott is a Freshman studying English Literature & Classic Civilizations at Florida State University. In her free time she writes poetry and fiction novels, reads philosophy, and plays guitar. 622 more words


Review: 'To Rise Again at a Decent Hour'

“The mouth is a weird place. Not quite inside and not quite out, not skin and not organ, but something in between: dark, wet, admitting access to an interior most people would rather not contemplate–where cancer starts, where the heart is broken, where the soul might just fail to turn up.” 856 more words


Kettering Goes into Outer Space

At first it was simple things:
a policeman’s helmet levitating above his head,
a post-box that floated like a Dalek down the street,
the frog that leapt and never came back. 282 more words


5 Things Contemporary Copy has Lost - and Classics Will Always Have

It is rightfully stated that different media seeks different expression as a result of different way of consuming the content. And while today we seek and indulge in clear and quickly ingested information, not that long ago, books were a form of entertainment to wide public. 1,547 more words