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Faulkner’s "Artist at Home."

William Faulkner’s Artist at Home concerns Roger Howe, a writer, who decides to take, struggling poet, John Blair into his home.

Both John and Roger are engaged at their artwork throughout the story. 262 more words

Literature Review

Research evidence is "significant" and "promising"

Selby, A., & Smith-Osborne, A. (2013). A systematic review of effectiveness of complementary and adjunct therapies and interventions involving equines. Health Psychology, 32(4), 418. … 194 more words

Bio-psychosocial Interventions

kill-it-and-eat-it locavores give cities indigestion

This article describes how urban farmers who chose to slaughter their own meat are facing new regulations and even bans on home butchering. This is coming after… 402 more words


the social basis of agro-environmental concern: physical versus social proximity

This article attempts to answer the questions, “Is environmental concern widely diffused throughout society or is it more strongly expressed by particular sub-populations? How has concern changed over time? 498 more words


the influence of social involvment, neighborhood aesthetics, and community garden participation on fruit and vegetable conspumption

“I feel like I’m a co-creator in the world with my garden, helping bring forth life, nurturance. It nurtures me as much as I nurture it.

583 more words

Mark Ballorca: Sonifcation, Science and Popular Music: In search of the ‘wow’

Sonifcation, Science and Popular Music: In search of the ‘wow’

Mark Ballora


Ned Kahn // Articulated Cloud given as example of visualisation imparting a wow factor to science (proposes the same for sonification. 380 more words

Mark Ballora - Opening Your Ears To Data - TedX Talk

Sonification paper mentioned in the presentation:

Candey, RM, Chertenleib, AM, Diaz Merced, WL (2005, December)
Sonification Prototype For Space Physics
Presented at the American Geophysical Union, Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA. 28 more words