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Amy Sargeant - Literature Reviews and Bibliography (thus far)

Olson, D. (2007). Little Burton Blue: Tim Burton and the Product(ion) of Color in Fairy Tale Films The Nightmare before Christmas and The Corpse Bride.  1,272 more words

Amy Sargeant

MANI 601 Research Project Critical Portfolio Assignment Brief 2

Introduction and thoughts

Initially, my research was about lingering presences and the concept of the phantom limb, which also allowed me to delve into sub topics such as prosthetic limbs, memory loss, organ transplants and cellular memory. 3,798 more words


Yan's Literature reviews

Michelle R. Nelson and Jacqueline C. Hitchon. (1999). LOUD TASTES, COLORED FRAGRANCES, AND SCENTED SOUNDS: HOWAND WHEN TO MIX THE SENSES IN PERSUASIVE COMMUNICATIONS. Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly. 1,777 more words


Eilberg-Schwartz and Mary Douglas

Eilberg-Schwartz, writing as an anthropologist, interacts a great amount with Mary Douglas’s work, Purity and Danger. Although he agrees with her position theoretically, he finds points of disagreement in some of the particular conclusions that she draws. 116 more words

Literature Review

The Savage in Judaism

Cultural anthropology as a field of inquiry was burgeoning throughout the twentieth century, especially in England. In 1966, it touched the field of biblical studies and consequently on the religion of ancient Israel. 142 more words

Literature Review

How to record the reading

This morning for the first time  I read about what makes a literature review, that is rather than trying head on to write one. As part of the Research Methods module we must write a lit review of 2500 words. 255 more words

The Little Android - a Book Review

Title: The Little Android
Author: Marissa Meyer
Genre: Sci/fi, fantasy
Release date: January 27th, 2014
My Rating: ★★★★★

Mech6.0 is a productively functioning robot. She does the same jobs as any other android, and just as well.

396 more words