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When the Wealthy Fought on the Frontlines

“Glaucus, you know how you and I
Have the best of everything in Lycia —
Seats, cuts of meat, full cups, everybody
Looking at us as if we were gods? 214 more words


Rainy Night Day Dream

Condensation begins to collect on the window pane, obstructing the view of the water sprayed road. Spoon’s song Inside Out is playing as droplets pelt the cars metal casing, echoing through the cabin of the interstellar spaceship. 78 more words

an excerpt from Esperanza's story

Esperanza paddled her way across the limitless expanse, her arms tired to the bone or past the bone to a place unnamed but doubtless real. Reflected in her eyes a sun red as fire began to wink out below the distant horizon of the sea and the girl wondered if she weren’t upon the waters of an alien world. 273 more words


The Evolution of Frankenstein

Since the 19th century, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein has continued to be one of the most popular Gothic tales. Having spawned hundreds of varying adaptations, including sitcom characters, video games and Halloween costumes, … 511 more words

19th Century

NaNo Update the First

So just when I think I am getting things together to participate in NaNoWriMo, I seem to have misplaced many of my notes for character development, plot arcs, etc. 108 more words



Here’s another old story. I am currently in progress with the second part of The Towns We Live In Are Named After Those Our Fathers Raped and Murdered. 1,593 more words


Day's End

After a long day
when the path has been uphill
love surrounds us from above.

L and Muse

Reflections On Daily Life