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Sentimental Objects 1 of 32

I don’t know if this is gonna be daily thing, though I’m quite sure that this is gonna be something worth completing. After reading some articles on daily creative projects (or projects with goals), I was inspired to come up with my own challenge. 123 more words



You, with your eyes so bright
Your heart guarded, but so vulnerable when my hands wrap right around it.

You with your soul – adept at swirling right next to mine and wrapping it up in the most beautiful warmth. 42 more words


the unanswered questions in 'weep not child'

Godwin Siudu travels to the year 1964. When I was still young Ngugi wa Thiong’o published his book ‘Weep not Child’. And 50 years later this book is still going strong. 24 more words


Resting In The Don't Know

I believe that the book that’s with my agent is a good one, but I cannot convince a publisher outside of their respective opinions of the work itself, to publish it. 147 more words

(Late) Teaser Tuesday -July 30

GAAAHHHH I am such a terrible person, I chose to forget to write this Teaser Tuesday’s post last night for two reasons:

1. I wanted to watch two episodes of this new show I started wasting my life with called QI. 174 more words

Randomness Of The Day

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand Review

I’m not quite sure how am I supposed to review Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. In terms of the plot, I can’t really say that it’s of greater importance compared to the underlying philosophy that that author wants to impart to her readers. 526 more words


The Bible As Literature?

Do you consider the Bible, or rather, the books in the Bible, to be literature? The way you might a novel like The Lord of the Rings… 511 more words