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Trying Maybe

His foreign skin holds my stubborn body close. He opens the door and I hope he doesn’t leave when the dust starts to settle. It’s inevitable the last mans name will look like mud when it comes out of my mouth. 199 more words


লৈবসি থোকই মফমদা,
ঐনা লৈরিবসি ইচীক চীকই,
বাহং হংই ঐ অচীকপদা
বাখল খল্লী ঐ অচীকপদা–
অচীকপদি অচীকপনিদনা

হনগনি করমনা অচীকপবু অর্থ?
নঙনা হায়গনি অহাঙবনি,


dry spell in an ocean not on this planet

i talk in small whispers
i am the specific object
he always comes looking for
i feel wide eyed and dry
even though we sometimes… 39 more words


Production: Caliban

Director: Eduardo Bonito

Year: 1997

Eduardo Bonito’s production of Caliban was The Tempest like I’ve never seen it before. Bonito deconstructed the play to perfectly resemble his own experiences of post-colonial Brazil using just one man and his emotions. 358 more words

Stories have shapes. Everything is stories. Vonnegut forever.

If you think about our lives as stories we tell ourselves (also called narratives) – and our lives almost certainly are in part stories, whether we are telling ourselves a good or bad story – then maybe the shapes of stories can describe the shapes of our lives, in part. 208 more words

Philosophy And Science

Literary Starbucks

Jill, Nora and Wilson are three college students who spend a little too much time at their local Starbucks. But they’ve put that malingering to good use with their very amusing blog… 84 more words