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The Friday 56: 28th November 2014


Grab a book, any book.
Turn to page 56 or 56% in your eReader
Find a sentence (or few) that grabs you.
Post it. (Try to avoid spoilers) 219 more words


November 28th

Dear Sophia,

I love you. I love you. I only love you.

I’ve been really thinking lots about things lately. I think the funeral and learning about the bible has made me think about life and death a lot more. 514 more words


On "Literary Merit"

So, some weeks ago, I wanted to establish what I was using when I spoke about literary fiction. And one definition I stumbled across was insistent that literary fiction was dependent on literary merit, which I think I dismissed without properly explaining my reasoning. 438 more words


The Dance

The chariots have entered the city and circled the temple three times
A woman bewitched is conceiving her born shall only cry twice
There is something of a poison inhabiting the air tonight… 324 more words


The first of his full-length plays, Ivanov serves as Anton Chekhov’s mission statement. He shies away from literary caricatures, seeking rather to capture the complexities in character and circumstance that differentiate actual life from the whimsical, simplified vignettes of his predecessors. 1,583 more words


Recycled Haiku

A recycled haiku from this time last year.

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PwrPuffGzr Writes

Why literature at all?

To me the most important part of literature is that it promotes empathy. I am not the most empathetic person in the world. When I walk through shopping centres and some person purposely walks at me or bumps my arm that can make me really angry. 519 more words