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The Weekly Geekout: Banned Books Week

“Some books leave us free and some books make us free.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

             Banned Books Week is upon us again, now on its 30th anniversary. 837 more words


the Great Revelation

“Chronologically, the initial stage of her mental illness coincided with the first decade of the Great Revelation, and although she might have found just as easily another theme for her delusion, statistics show that the Great, and to some Intolerable, Revelation caused more insanity in the world than even an over-preoccupation with religion had in medieval times.”

— Vladimir Nabokov, Ada


indeed, a deep satisfaction

“If one has failed only where others have not had the courage or will to try, there is a consolation — indeed, a deep satisfaction — to be gained from this observation when looking back over one’s life.” 8 more words


capturing the unique beauty

“‘When I am an old man, when I look back over my life and see I have devoted it to the task of capturing the unique beauty of that world, I believe I will be well satisfied. 20 more words


no stifling the offence of being young

“I don’t lay claim to anything else than having used some opportunities which have not come within everybody’s reach; but there is no stifling the offence of being young, and a new-comer, and happening to know something more than the old inhabitants.”

— George Eliot, Middlemarch


according to some judges, so stupid

“It was this which made Dorothea so childlike, and, according to some judges, so stupid, with all her reputed cleverness; as, for example, in the present case of throwing herself, metaphorically speaking, at Mr. 50 more words