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what’s mine?
not the car
I have to do things to keep it
if you have to do things to keep it
it’s not yours… 93 more words


Polemical Poetry IX: Soldier's Soldier

Michael Murry

As I believe either Barbara Tuchman or Frances FitzGerald wrote about Vietnam: once a war has gone on for more than a couple of years it can only repeat itself indefinitely. 644 more words


Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood is one of my favorite story-tellers. I’ve been composing a lesson plan to read and study her recent story Stone Mattress (which is a great story, btw). 58 more words


Test Yourself

I love tests, the sillier the better! Here are some silly and some smart ones for you to try out too.

Your Victorian Penname

This test is designed for writerly ladies, who would need a gender non-specific pseudonym in the Victorian era. 116 more words


‘Punctuality is the virtue of the bored.’

Evelyn Waugh

The D.C. Metro has an earthy, mineral smell that reminds you you’re plunging straight into bedrock.

- You Are One of Them by Elliot Holt


I can’t read, but i have to read. I can’t write, but i have to write, i can’t see, but i have to see, i can’t breathe, but i have to breathe. 76 more words