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Company of Liars - Karen Maitland // The Reluctant Assassin/The Hangman's Revolution - Eoin Colfer

I don’t think I’ve ever done a post of THREE books…but one I finished on Sunday, the next on Monday, and the last one on Thursday. 994 more words


Book Spotlight: Matched (Book 1) by Ally Condie

In a dystopian future, a teenaged girl is caught in a forbidden love triangle and seeks to defy the powers that be. But I’m not talking about… 288 more words

Book Spotlight

Layamon 'Brut'

Finally, after making our way through the Latin and French version we reach the English take on King Arthur. Layamon (or, if you want to be extra snobbish, Laȝamon) made a verse translation of Wace’s poems, adding a lot of his own material. 542 more words



Do you really believe I’ll survive your attack?

Empty for the weaponry we lack

My troops do starve as you wish

Whilst you feast upon our every dish… 77 more words


Ali So Far

I stumbled across an old query letter from the one time I tried to submit a novel to agents, and it really made me chuckle. I was truly one exceedingly frustrated creative; the undertone of anger in the letter… basically, I was upset that nobody was writing the books I wanted to read, and I wasn’t coy about expressing that. 336 more words



I hear the echoes
Of past lives
Scream from the streets
Tones taking a hold of me
Hypnotizing me with something sweet
Then pulling me through by my sleeve… 296 more words


a word that has similar meaning
to a group tightly tied together
firm but fragile
works til exhausted
to the bone
fighting the battle of our tightly bundled together ones… 42 more words