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First line from ‘The Munich Mannequins’ by Sylvia Plath


‘Perfection is terrible, it cannot have children ,’
sterile, frustrated, it comes to decay.
Michelangelo wept when he found perfection, 68 more words

Writings & Witterings


Φωτογράφισα την αντανάκλαση από τις γρίλιες στον τοίχο. Ήταν λοξές σαν διαγραφές, διακοπτόμενες σαν αμφιβολίες. Το φως τις ξεκοίλιαζε. Από κάτω τους υπήρχε ένας καθρέφτης και μέσα του ένας γλόμπος σβηστός.

Flash Fiction

Finished a poem.  I’m a fiery boulder tonight, with my verse, my Beat approach.  Would love to see someone try, stop me.  This must be the Cab talking, I’m a poet, with only fearlessness, a rattlesnake’s eagerness.  87 more words


Wet Tarmacadam

Stormy weather makes me nervous
On the tarmac, ready and rolling to
Liftoff, rough trajectory of later days.
There was a time when every flight… 53 more words


The Guardian: Visiting Libraries Makes Us Happy

According to a survey from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport in the UK, going to the library is like getting a pay rise! 31 more words


Mask Poem

This was a poem that I wrote for my English class. The assignment was to describe 2 masks that we wear in our daily life. 247 more words


Take 1: An Excerpt from the Intro to the Untitled Second Novel by Jackson Williams (Draft 1, Scene 3)

and just what do what have here?? So, this is very rough — it’s something old made new (salvaged) for the purpose of my next untitled manuscript. 4,538 more words