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NaNoWriMo: 50K done, still not "done"!

So yes, I “won”! However, I am not done with the novel. :D I am about… half way, maybe? I know the purpose is to write a novel in 50K words but I sorta got carried away. 242 more words


aftermath [a 69-word erotic flash]

There are tears all down my face and catching in the corners of my grin, and my hair is wild from your hands. I’m sure my makeup is streaking and I still can’t quite catch my breath, and I see you watching the way that my breasts heave. 22 more words


callouses [a 69-word erotic flash]

The callouses on your hand scrape the inside of my thighs, and it’s all I can do to bite back a moan.

I know that when your fingers slide inside me ( 38 more words


unravelling [a 69-word erotic flash]

There are runs all up my stockings, caused simply by your hands.

You are not the most patient when reaching up my skirt. Half the time, the skirt itself doesn’t even come off, your fingers merely crooking into the stockings’ waistband and pulling… 27 more words


your eyes dark on mine and your hands hard on my hips

There are toothmarks around my wrist, and you’re grinning as you hold my hand.

We both know you remember damn well why they’re there. There is no forgetting your face buried between my legs, your eyes dark on mine and your hands hard on my hips to try and keep them still. 99 more words


“You’re going to ruin the upholstery in here if you keep this up—”

“Stop the car.”


“Stop the fucking car.” I unbuckle my seatbelt, and turn sideways in my seat to face you with my eyebrows pointedly raised. 1,330 more words


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