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With most dudes, the idea of getting massaged makes me want to hurl. I am not here for you to rub my shoulders halfheartedly in hopes of getting laid because I’m pretending to be turned on but am mostly just bored. 807 more words

No Good-Byes

Everybody has a favorite author, right? You do, I know I do, and anyone who reads looks forward to a new release from their favorite more than any other. 791 more words

Tamara Clarke


Enjoy my pretties! Mwahaha! And since I didn’t stress it in the chapter. COMMENT COMMENT COMMENT!


Comments on Ogres and Ogresses

I love all my readers, but some comments make my heart dip and my spirit soar.  Some things give me reason to believe in my dreams, and make me laugh. 1,639 more words


Guess that story again

Over at Literotica, we’ve done another FAWC, a Friendly Anonymous Writing Competition. This time, we all had to begin with the same sentence:

Upon the table lay three times: a handkerchief, a book and a knife. 41 more words

On Writing

Read Your Porn!

Watching porn is sooooo out!

I kid, of course. Pornographic films are still a staple of many peoples sex lives, and will likely remain so. I have found a few films I enjoy (primarily by a group named Lesbea), but most porn just doesn’t cut it for me. 311 more words


Yes wetness.


“Do you know how much that skirt cost me buster?”

Make her!

“Bend! Do it!”

“No. Not until—”

I hooked a finger onto the waistband of her knickers and pulled her backwards. 354 more words