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reverberates [erotic vignette]

It’s not enough, it’s never enough, but this is close, it’s close — the way your fingers curl around my hip, the soft indentations you leave in my flesh, the way your skin looks against mine. 90 more words


slow burn [erotic vignette]

I’m not at all the patient sort, but I want you to make me take it slow.

I want to feel your hands on every inch of my skin — I want your hands forcibly holding me still, stopping me from moving my hips just… 174 more words


Publishing, erotica, and...apparently, Bob Newhart?

Okay, beautiful people — I’ve got some updates for you!

My first book, X: a collection of 69 69-word erotic vignettes is now officially available on… 148 more words


X: "Or I could write them here."

You see this sexy little thing right here, ladies and gentlemen?

Yep. That is, in fact, the cover for my equally-sexy first book, X: a collection of 69 69-word erotic vignettes… 115 more words


tangled [a 69-word erotic flash]

I want to fall asleep wearing nothing but your shirt, curled against you in your bed, and wake up with your hands undoing the buttons all over again, one by one by one. 48 more words


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here [a 69-word erotic flash]

I want to trace along your lifeline with the tip of my tongue, to feel the rhythm of your veins beneath my lips as I kiss the inside of your wrist. 42 more words


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