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Beamboarder Lets You Skate at Night; Won't Blind Oncoming Traffic

Whether you use your longboard as transportation or pleasure riding, night-time sessions can be harrowing if you’re screaming through poorly-lit places. The Beamboarder is a solution that is simple to build and easy to throw in a backpack whenever that giant ball of fire is above the horizon. 169 more words

Led Hacks

Are You An Asshole, Or Is It Just Me?

Besides staying alive, which isn’t hard for me anymore, I would say the most difficult aspect of being bipolar is knowing whether or not I have the right to become incandescent with rage in a given situation. 355 more words


Ariana Grande Have Said, "Almost is Never Enough"

The storm has passed and the sun started to shine again. Fitting, I suppose. The past few days’ weather pretty much encapsulated the kind of stormy mood I have gone through in the same time period. 1,310 more words

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Atomistic Mechanisms of Phase Boundary Evolution during Initial Lithiation of Crystalline Silicon

 The Journal of Physical Chemistry  [PDF

 [movie 1] : Formation of a phase boundary at the Si(100)

[movie 2] : Formation of a phase boundary at the Si(110) 9 more words

Computational Material Science

NIRVANA and the 1992 Reading Festival - The Greatest Festival Performance Ever?

While Glastonbury has been getting headlines recently, it’s worth saying that the Reading Festival has over the years had probably just as many classic performances and awesome line-ups (if not more). 2,366 more words