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is this funny or am I hypo?

Ohhh my blog, I’m pretty sure this isn’t as amusing as I think it is, but fuckit, I’ll share it anyway.

So! In the search to educate and yet still reassure myself about the godsdamned poxy mofo of a lithium itch (and distract myself from scratching like an ape on acid), I stumbled happily upon the fact that generalised pruritus is one of the side effects. 133 more words


lithium itch

Trigger warning: gratuitous ITCHING.

Crazy things happen when you remember to take your meds too.

Sweet martyred and mortared mother of blog, I have spent the entire day itching like that time I was working as a dish washer in Scotland and developed chickenpox. 105 more words


10 Companies that are hiring like crazy right now: Time

We’ve all ¬†been there, with our self-esteem bruised and tattered from one too many rejection letters

But….the secret : STAY POSITIVE. Because, with an optimistic outlook and a sense of humor, the world really can be your oyster. 75 more words


kay redfield jamison

Lithium is used to teach coyotes to stop killing sheep: often a single experience with a lithium-treated sheep carcass will make a coyote sick enough to keep his teeth to himself. 9 more words


Lithium... the only option

A lot of people are going to tell me I should be on medication. According to ALL the doctors I have seen Lithium is the ONLY answer. 392 more words


Let me get this out of my system

I’m angry.

I’m facing financial issues: I graduated in July, and despite sending off a number of applications, I haven’t landed a job. Maybe I haven’t tried hard enough. 229 more words


lithium \o/

With the exception of ECT, lithium is the single most effective treatment in psychiatry. Its side effects are easily manageable, and many patients stay on low-dose lithium for decades. 22 more words