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Face Cleaning - ouch

I am currently on holidays. Well, more like I went back to my home country. I will stay here till 14 August.
More LIFE  posts will be coming up. 269 more words


My Travel Memories

I added a new page in my blog. It is about the places I lived in and travelled to. I only mention the places where I went in the past couple of year. 46 more words

Mid-Year Election Round-Up

It has been a busy year of elections so far and it is time to tot up the results. There have been many upsets, many disappointing expected results and some are still undecided weeks after Election Day. 1,496 more words


Lithuania’s foreign minister has asked India to stand true to its promise of starting an embassy in Vilnius. The assurance was given in 2005 by then Indian external affairs minister K Natwar Singh. 129 more words


Klaipėda Sea Festival

I grew up by the sea and wherever I am in the world I am always drawn back to the coast. So when our neighbours asked if we wanted to go with them to the Klaipėda Sea Festival we jumped at chance.

Days 7-9: Vilnius, Lithuania

Trudging through the Gates of Dawn into Vilnius Old Town, it seemed as though our packs magically got lighter and our walk easier. After a long bus journey from Riga and the grotiness of the bus station and despite what we had heard about the city’s magic, we were completely unprepared for what we found. 1,699 more words