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How Not To Do E-Discovery.

Fears and Loathing (and Pain) in Seattle: a Case Lesson in How NOT to Preserve and Produce Email – Part One, by Ralph Losey, e-Discovery Team® 136 more words


Federal Jury Finds Takeda Pharmaceuticals Destroyed Documents: Awards Plaintiffs $6 Billion in Punitive Damages

Earlier this week, Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. was ordered to pay $6 billion in punitive damages by a jury in Lafayette, Louisiana. Eli Lilly, Takeda’s co-promotion partner, was ordered to pay an additional $3 billion. 306 more words


Don’t Call Discovery Over Document Retention Policies Premature After You Admit Destroying Relevant Discovery

A Defendant sought reconsideration of a Court order allowing discovery on their document retention policies and litigation hold strategy on the grounds 1) the order was premature and 2) it was irrelevant and not discoverable. 475 more words


Does your e-discovery vendor understand your business? Do they care to understand your business?

The dominant model for the F-500 is to outsource to e-discovery vendors directly, rather than via law firms. 956 more words

Three is a crowd: working e-discovery projects with in-house and outside counsel in the triangle

There is an old expression: `two is company, three is a crowd’.  As an e-discovery service provider whose client is a corporation over the long-term, you are necessarily in a crowd of three for much of the time. 1,548 more words

E-discovery trends: whatever happened to -- structured data?

A few years ago there was much interest in the e-discovery of `structured data’.

Putting aside some definitional issues, structured data means databases of all kinds and encompasses business software applications for corporate transactional, financial, and operational data.   1,026 more words