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9/11 Is the Litmus Test

Everyone who does not stand forth and speak Truth to Power is a coward, a liar and complicit in mass murder.


Reflections: Genesis 1 as a Theological Litmus Test

In a recent interview I was asked where I stood on the issue of the interpretation of the days in Genesis 1. Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised that this question came up. 1,526 more words


Environmental litmus test

All biotic components are an integral part of a healthy environment. The wider picture of the environment becomes more engaging than repelling when all the integral parts are secure, safe and healthy, which is a beacon of prosperity and opportunities in the form of a green economy. 328 more words


How To Find Special Rights in the Constitution

In a July, 2005 “Meet the Press” interview, Senator Richard Durbin stated that he would have “no litmus test” for Judge John Roberts’ confirmation hearings. But, when Tim Russert asked how he would react if Roberts could find no “right to privacy”, in the Constitution, the Senator stated “I would have to vote against him.” This is another example of the shifting sands of liberal thought. 321 more words

Litmus Test

Litmus Test

I remember the first time I heard “litmus test” used in a sentence. The reason I remember it is that my all-time favorite school teacher, Mrs. 306 more words

Litmus Test