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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know Were Radioactive

We all know the obvious things that produce radiation: nuclear power plants, microwaves, atomic bombs, and holidays to certain parts of the Ukraine. However, it’s the less-obvious things that you’ve got to watch out for. 1,170 more words


Hey, Cat Owners....

When you’re scooping the litter box, do you ever pretend that it’s a treasure hunt, and you’re sifting for little gold nuggets?

What’s that? You don’t? 15 more words


You learn something new every day.

I have 3 litterboxes. You’re supposed to have as many as you have cats, plus one, and there should be one on every floor (I live in a townhouse). 389 more words


Sign of Illness #1: Inappropriate Urination

Today we begin our series on the Top 10 Signs of Illness in Cats. Our first sign to discuss? Inappropriate urination.

Regardless of how “deliberate” it may seem, when a cat is avoiding or not using the litter box, he or she is trying to tell you something. 201 more words


Kitten Weekend

Oh, hey!

How was everyone’s weekend? Thanks to the rain on the 4th, the outdoor party we were supposed to go to was rescheduled to Saturday, July 5th. 277 more words


Limited Shanty Town Success

Well the cat enclosure has had limited success. ON the plus side, Charlie loves his new room. And he shares it willingly with Sophia. But Sally does not seem to use it. 107 more words