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Kitten Wars the Musical Edition 8/28/14

It would seem that I have a VERY musical cat. Teeny enjoys what can only be described as Percussion instruments in the Oh dark thirty realm of night.Sometime between 3-5 AM she has taken up the art of the litter box scratch. 134 more words


Tiny Kittens

Karen’s mom took in a tiny new foster, who just happen to be pregnant with a litter of tiny kittens. They haven’t even opened their eyes yet. 23 more words


Behaviour Correction

Written by Triple-C-Ranger Farah

Cats are mysterious creatures with individual quirks. CuteCatCharity provides the following information to help you better understand feline behaviour and provide the best possible care for your cat. 259 more words

Litter Box Blues

Do you and your kitty have the litter box blues?

You’re not alone.

House-soiling is one of the most common reasons people abandon or relinquish their cats. 221 more words

Litter Box

Looking for Litter Box Success Stories!

Have you had a cat with litterbox issues? Were you able to solve them? Then we want your stories! Many cats are surrendered to the shelter each year due to solvable litter box issues. 83 more words


Essential Oils Journal

I give up on trying to figure out which day out of 30 I’m on.
I love my essential oils. I know, I know, I’ve already said this but I just can’t say it enough. 238 more words


so.....you'll miss me, right?

OK, my little baby dolls. Mommy has to go out of town for several days for work so that means Daddy will be taking care of you. 215 more words