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Is Your Cat Missing the Litter Box?

You have a problem. Your cat is thinking outside the box, and not in a good way. You may be wondering what you did to inspire so much “creative expression.” Is your cat punishing you? 433 more words


Fossils and Goddesses

Fun With Fossils

Cats and dinosaurs may be related, thanks to the discovery of a creature whose fossilized remains were dug up from a 105-million-year-old rock in Tanzania. 147 more words


Keeping your Adorable Pet with Best Cat Litter

Cat is a very adorable pet animal to an owner. Certainly one of the main reasons for their popularity is the fact that cats pose a very low health risk to their owners. 274 more words

Cat Litter

Generous To A Fault

“Buried Treasure”

The 9 Lives Of Buffalo Tom Peabody

Buffalo Tom Peabody

Why do You Need Cat Supplies

Taking care of a pet is never an easy activity, a responsible owner knows what his or her pet needs to give the pet a better life while it is with its owner. 413 more words

Kitten Wars the Musical Edition 8/28/14

It would seem that I have a VERY musical cat. Teeny enjoys what can only be described as Percussion instruments in the Oh dark thirty realm of night.Sometime between 3-5 AM she has taken up the art of the litter box scratch. 134 more words


Tiny Kittens

Karen’s mom took in a tiny new foster, who just happen to be pregnant with a litter of tiny kittens. They haven’t even opened their eyes yet. 23 more words