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Looking for Litter Box Success Stories!

Have you had a cat with litterbox issues? Were you able to solve them? Then we want your stories! Many cats are surrendered to the shelter each year due to solvable litter box issues. 83 more words


Essential Oils Journal

I give up on trying to figure out which day out of 30 I’m on.
I love my essential oils. I know, I know, I’ve already said this but I just can’t say it enough. 238 more words


so.....you'll miss me, right?

OK, my little baby dolls. Mommy has to go out of town for several days for work so that means Daddy will be taking care of you. 215 more words


Pee! Pee!

Our year old cat has a piratical are problem with our dog….
He likes her, plays with her and even SOMETIMES shares food. However his favorite thing to do to his little sister is to pee on her dog bed….. 132 more words

Show Me Where It Hurts

Cats are stoic creatures. They hide their pain, which doesn’t mean they don’t feel it. Recently, there has been progress in pain management for pets, for both acute and chronic pain such as arthritis, cystitis, and dental disease. 79 more words

Casey Sheridan

#lifehacks for Litter Box!

We all know how important the litter box is. Getting the right box, the right litter and placing it in the right location for your kitty as well as keeping the litter box clean is critical to making sure kitty uses the litter box. 1,027 more words


Caturday - Line to the Litter Box

Like many females, my cats cannot go to the litter box alone. And Sunni (the one in the litter box) is a little OCD about covering up.