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Does Your Cat Have Litter Box Issues?

Does your cat ever use the bathroom outside of the litter box? Do you use covered litter boxes? Did you know that although covered litter boxes are popular with people because they keep the cat litter in the box and help contain odors, many cats hate them. 159 more words

Battlesh*ts With Our Cat Max

As previously stated, my husband and I decided to try to toilet train our cat, Max, to eliminate the litter box in our trailer. In order to help us with this endeavour, we purchased the… 608 more words


Dahling, I'm stuck in the closet........

Fortunately I’ve never had to literally call a girlfriend and tell her I was going to be late for a most important lunch date because I was stuck in the closet, but I’ve truly come close.   1,424 more words

Biodegradable Cat Litter And The Use of Eco-Friendly Pet Products

Cat litter can be the most important thing that a pet owner may require. There are different options available for the cat owners in terms of the best cat litter. 546 more words

Cat Litter

Lazy Sunday

Layin’ wif mommy on da kumfy blanky tuday. (not a very good foto but you get da idea MOL). 

Dis be sis Lexi layin’ on mommy’s lap while meez wus gone tu da pawdee box. 55 more words

Meez Meows

Puck Takes a Dust Bath

Lately we have noticed that Puck seems to want to roll around in the litter box.

At first we thought he was just being weird. It would be like us humans washing our hands in the toilet. 130 more words