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Cracking Litter Box DRM

DRM on a specific brand of cat litter box has been cracked. In other news, DRM on cat litter boxes exists.

moved into a new apartment with a feline companion and wanted one of those fancy, auto-cleaning litter boxes. 161 more words

Home Hacks

How About That? Cats CAN Fly!

Not many people may know that the cat Chleo I have now is actually Chleo the 2nd. The first Chleo I had to get rid of because it started pissing in my room. 892 more words

She's Crazy

When Your Cat Steps in Poo and Dances Across Your Bedroom

Okay… I don’t know what I had wanted to write for this blog, but when I imagined my first post, the first one ever, this wasn’t it. 990 more words


Jules' puppies visit the vet

I headed out on my way to the vet yesterday with this view. So grateful to live where we do!

The puppies were great traveling the long, windy road! 129 more words


All-Time Favorite Litter Scoop

I’ve never been a fan of cleaning litter boxes and I don’t know anyone who is. Over the years, I’ve had some terrible litter scoops and a couple I… 126 more words


CatGenie 120

After going through countless different cat litter boxes – with various results, I saw a deal on the CatGenie 120 … and started my usual investigation. 3,903 more words