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Linnea in Pigalle

In planning my brief trip to Paris, I can’t help but think about my precocious obsession with French impressionists. In a time of Skip-its and scrunchies, I spent hours with my colored pencils and the… 299 more words


Smith {Family}

Tia and her pretty girls played in the teepee, played with balloons, and blocks, thanks to Sparrow + Clay Design Co. They had a great time, even though our session was in place of nap time. 16 more words


A Simple Zig Zag Braid

Got a simple but very adorable hairstyle for you and your little lady/ladies. Very easy, simple, and fast if you are on the go or just need something quick. 115 more words

Watch A 10-Year-Old Girl And Her Little Sister Own Slayer's 'War Ensemble'

While her giggly friends are riding pink ponies to the nearest mall, or whatever it is 10-year-old girls do, Audrey is at home, shredding. She’s an accomplished Rocksmith guitar player, and she recently showed off her impressive skillz by playing along to Slayer’s “War Ensemble,” a song I didn’t even know existed when I was Audrey’s age, let alone being able to play along to it. 17 more words


~* Hair *~

…. FYI ….

We ARE a braiding family! We love new hairstyles for little girls. My DD is begging to make videos.

Maybe with more practice. 25 more words