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TGS Episode 36: What has been seen cannot be undone.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to another edition of TGS. Today is October 24th. Just a little under a week before Halloween. Don’t expect a post on the 31st just cause all the best news is after Halloween. 3,402 more words


Young Foul-Mouthed Feminists

What’s more offensive?

A little girl saying f*ck or the sexist way society treats girls and women ?”

a controversial video that has 5 little girls dressed as princesses using very ‘adult’ un-ladylike language while discussing lack of equality of opportunity in education and the workplace experienced by women and the risk of sexual violence they face has been restored to Youtube after initially being taken down – http://tinyurl.com/qywvn27


F-Bombs for Feminism?

Recently, a FCKH8 video came out, comprised of young girls, dressed as princesses, frequently saying the F-Bomb to promote feminism. The video has gone viral and has everyone talking. 583 more words

Christian Feminism

Growing in Love

This morning I was getting dressed while my husband sat at the computer in our bedroom, and I knew we had to have the conversation I had been working up to for days. 607 more words

Family Life

Going Viral: Adorable Four-Year-Old Lola Can't Figure Out What's She's Supposed To Sing

If you don’t have any children, this video will make you want to have …oh… a dozen or so. Beautiful child, patient, loving father. An example to be followed, he is.

My mind wondering...

These are some sketches that I did during summer. I was playing with an idea of when a girl (child) discovers femininity. Started sketching and doing more observations on little girls. 28 more words