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Going Viral: Adorable Four-Year-Old Lola Can't Figure Out What's She's Supposed To Sing

If you don’t have any children, this video will make you want to have …oh… a dozen or so. Beautiful child, patient, loving father. An example to be followed, he is.

My mind wondering...

These are some sketches that I did during summer. I was playing with an idea of when a girl (child) discovers femininity. Started sketching and doing more observations on little girls. 28 more words


Do not let them stay up late.

Do not feed them after midnight.

And do not, DO NOT get them wet!

It’s almost like the age old Blockbuster favorite knew a thing or two about toddlers and the changing that occurs at the brink of 2 going on 3. 121 more words


The Unhappy Matchstick Girl

wake up in the morning
too early for a little girl to be up
but she’s off to learning
in school like everyone else
the moon’s still waning… 114 more words


Growing pains

I’m starting to think 2 going on 3 is going to be harder than I anticipated.

Monkey gets smarter by the moment. She has our number and she knows it. 160 more words

My Princesses Learn to Be Brave by Heather Heyworth

My Rating: *****

My Princesses Learn to Be Brave, by Heather Heyworth is a sweet book about how God’s everyday princesses deal with things that come up in life. 308 more words