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So I thought I was taking a break.

I’m at a lost of words.

I can’t believe what I watched when I first played the play while scrolling through Facebook. I was shocked by the f bomb but to do on and remind me of a south park episode with all the language and their message I would hate for them to the mother of my children. 38 more words

Being Myself And Opinions


We are sisters. We do alot of things together. We laugh together, frown together. Sometimes, we annoy each other.

This a random shot, but it gives you an idea of how it is when we laugh together….. 74 more words

When It's Your Last

Don’t cry mommy, my two year old says to me. She’s too young to understand why I’m crying and that they’re tears of joy. But someday, she too will get that feeling that moms have when they rock their baby in their arms. 517 more words


A Mother's Story, Told by Daughters

My girls, who are five and seven, found two little books in a bookcase that I was to fill out at some point. The books are similar, each is called… 675 more words

New York City Living And Coping

Gary Baseman

Gary Baseman (born September 27, 1960) is a contemporary artist who works in illustration, fine art, toy design, and animation. He is the creator of the… 109 more words

Watch Cameron Diaz sing 'Little Girls' in 'Annie'

Cameron Diaz is a couple weeks from her big-screen debut¬†as Miss Hannigan in Annie, and now we have a look at exactly what we’re in for. 109 more words