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Making money off Sharknado is bad

Charles displays his Communist anti-Capitalist worldview.

I have to confess I’m a lot less interested in Sharknado now that studios are trying to exploit social media for profit.

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LGF Marxist Randal Gross Claims To Be Center-Right

Marxist LGFer Randal Gross bashes the Right on a daily basis. He publishes posts in support of far left causes, yet has the audacity to make a claim that is a total lie. 111 more words

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@Green_Footballs Steps Up the Whine on "Stalking and Harassment"

The guy in charge of Little Green Footballs had an interesting regurgitation on Twitter today, as the CEO of the social media enterprise took to the medium in a bit of an event to answer questions from the plebs of the twitterverse (using the… 823 more words

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The helpless whining on Twitter

Poor Charles, he had a meltdown over Twitter CEO Dick Costolo not addressing the issue of  “stalkers.”

I’ve filed numerous reports about targeted harassment, a clear violation of Twitter’s policy, but never received a response.

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Obdicut defends Hamas

If anymore proof is needed that Obdicut is a Jihadi apologist, this exchange with Killgore should erase all doubts!

Obdicut should move to Gaza and see how hip Hamas is.

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Alouette has a "You Might Be A Conservative" Twitter rant

The resident Kapo of LGF went berserk over a “You Might Be A Conservative” twitter rant. Alouette draws up strawmen to attack conservative positions.


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To Charles, mockery is harrasment

Always playing the man under siege  role, Charles once again starts screaming about people who make fun of him as stalkers.

Why are these stalkers acting up again & harassing my followers?

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