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Bad Craziness

Charles love to play the man under siege role. He plays the victim card hoping to win sympathy from the Left. As usual, when taken to task on twitter, he calls his critics crazy. 39 more words

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Tbogg's Cool

The subject of Raw Story came up in the (shrinking) comment section today, and CJ posted something that stood out a little bit:

I say it stood out a little bit because I remember reading something way back when. 158 more words

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Anti-Israel Propaganda Promoted By Long-Time LGF Kapo Alouette

@Gus_807, lookie at what I found at LGF – so-called Zionist @viciousbabushka actually had nerve to post NK pic! http://t.co/IAjjkfVhgh
Eclectic Infidel (@eclecticinfidel) …

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Charles Johnson: "hard for people to feel sympathetic to Israel."

Charles continues his Israel bashing in hopes of winning acceptance from the Left.

Keep digging your anti-Israel hole Charles.

The resident Stalinist of LGF, Sergey Romanov joins in the anti-Israel hate. 6 more words

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A Retweet from Charles

Posted without comment.

Greenwald is a coward he blocks anyone that doesn't enter his echo chamber. He is no position to talk about anyone running away…

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Secrets of the Boiler Room EXPOSED!

Years ago there was only Chen Zhen, Internet Septic Tank Engineer, (the late) Nil Stooge & Engineer No.5 working on ways to mine The Swamp, and that’s how it was done back then, one-by-one. 32 more words

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It's Official. Charles Johnson & Little Green Footballs Support Radical Islam, Condemn The State Of Israel

Amazing but not surprising. Charles Johnson has been steering his website Little Green Footballs in this direction for months, yea years, and now it’s official. 400 more words

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