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We hurt someone's feelings

The owner of the deranged Far Left hate site Little Green Footballs is crying over Stalkers. Charles is angry over the Twitter account Gus_807 whom he either mistakenly claims or outright lies that it is me. 352 more words

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More on the LGF Connection to the Breivik Manifesto

As we enter day three of the meltdown brought on by a single tweet left by Glenn Greenwald, I’ll take the opportunity to opine that the meltdown’s intensity is due not to the fact that the tweet leads to a “faked graphic”, but rather the more general consequence of exposing Greenwald’s hundreds of thousands of twitter followers to our website. 547 more words

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"Glenn is enabling stalkers."

Glenn Greenwald’s tweeting of our Brevik Chart has triggered insanity in Charles. He continues to tweet about us and plays the part of a poor innocent victim of the evil stalkers! 386 more words

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The meltdown continues

Charles is still crying over Glenn Greenwald pointig out that LGF was references in Brevik’s manifesto.

I hope people are watching the unbelievable sleaze coming out of Greenwald and his followers tonight.

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Umm....Incoming! [UPDATED]

Bottom of this post shows how many times Anders Brevik's manifesto cited right-wing, anti-Muslim writers thediaryofdaedalus.com/2014/03/27/its…
Glenn Greenwald (@ggreenwald) April 16, 2014

I don’t think anyone here would’ve expected that our fun little blog get a tweeted link from a recent Polk and Pulitzer awarded journalist anytime soon, but that just happened.

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Charles accuses Google of endagering national security

Commissar Charles Johnson is now accusing Google of being enemies of the sate. They allegedly withheld information about the Heartbleed worm, in order to fix their systems first. 24 more words

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Charles attacks Bloggers for mentioning Frazier Glenn Miller was a Democrat

Charles today has tied Frazier Glenn Miller to his favorite boogeyman Ron Paul. But his ire was towards bloggers who are pointing out that Frazier Glenn Miller ran a Democrat for office. 50 more words

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