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DIY Replacing a Toilet

I have changed the flapper, adjusted the chain, replaced the whole inside guts of a toilet tank, and plunged more than my fair share of toilet bowls (especially with five boys in the house). 665 more words

Little Men

Jo's Boys - reading the first edition knowing Louisa was alive

Look at what I got at The Barrows in Concord!

New meaning

This is the first time that I’ve acquired first editions of Louisa May Alcott’s books. 667 more words

Little Men

Parking lot vultures

We live within two miles of the middle & high schools, which means that my older kids can’t ride the bus. They could ride their bikes or walk, but on rainy days, dark mornings, days when they have after-school activities, or days like today when it’s 40 degrees in the morning but climbing to 80 in the afternoon, it’s just easier to drive them. 222 more words

Little Men

I’m not judging, but ... (Prayer Devotional for the week of March 23, 2014)

First, a quick grammar lesson: The word “but” is a conjunction, which is used to contrast something that has just been said with something that is about to be said. 332 more words


Louisa May Alcott | Meredith Sweetpea

Miss Meredith Sweetpea loved reading Little Women and Little Men by Louisa May Alcott when she was growing up. Didn’t you? After coming across my dog-eared copies, I thought I’d share a little more about the Victorian author behind these beloved books. 378 more words

Meredith Sweetpea

Classics Club Challenge (3)

I’ve thought about doing “reviews in chapters” thing for Emma for quite some time before ultimately rejecting the idea, so that’s why my latest update on Classics Club challenge is later than expected. 846 more words

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