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Prayer prompt for Thursday, Dec. 18

Psalm 79 mentions praising God from one generation to the next. What image are we painting for our kids & grandkids about God’s goodness?


Prayer prompt for Saturday, Dec. 13

Insulating kids from the consequences of their actions doesn’t do them any favors later in life. On the contrary … Proverbs 19:18.


Lessons in Discipline (Prayer Devotional for the week of December 7, 2014)

So, I had this devotional idea to write about discipline, after I came across a few verses in Proverbs 19 that I’ll share below. I was thinking about telling the story of how my brother once kicked a hole in my bedroom door because sweet, lil’ innocent me made him mad for some reason or another that I’m sure was his fault, to begin with. 367 more words


Tree farm holiday round up.

A big open armed squeeze and THANK YOU to all the families and kids that let me be a part of their holiday pictures this year. 181 more words

Little Men

Yarn Along: Blue Hat, and Jo's Boys

Right now, life is busy. But every time I return to this still-unfinished hat I have a twinge of frustration that it’s not done yet. I’m going slow with this lace pattern. 63 more words

Yarn Along

"I am your quiet place, you are my wild." {Carly.Finn.}

Another Quiet Place interview up on the blog! If you’ve been following along, you already know this is one of my favorite things to shoot and be a part of. 420 more words

Little Men

Magic snow.

On Monday we woke to the first real snow here. Come march I’m sure I’ll be singing a different tune, but it really was just beautiful. 158 more words

Little Men