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Covering little bottoms!

I’ve recently learnt all about cloth nappies! And the hundreds of different varieties, the various inserts and combinations you should use, for heavy wetters, major poop explosions, stopping leaks to how to wash them, strip them, stop them from smelling, stop them from getting product build up…etc etc the list is endless! 663 more words

Little Monsters

When Contemplating, Doodle

Whether analyzing a legal issue or bemoaning the interminably slow pace of the justice system, the #lawyernerd doodles.


Ms. Lady Gaga

I am a 22 year old, heterosexual, male and I openly admit that Lady gaga is one of my two idols. My first and main idol is my aunt. 152 more words

Artpop. Born This Way

Boredom Begets Doodles

Had a rough week and was blessedly bored today.  Then I found myself drawing these cute little guys. They need names, don’t you think?

Here And Now

Lady Gaga's Million Monsters - YouTube Nation

Explore how Lady Gaga has cemented the incredible bond she shares with her adoring fans and the work she’s done to empower youth. Watch all of the videos from this ep:  7 more words



Attention seeking, insane or just plain weird say what you want about Lady Gaga there is no denying that she is one of the biggest names in pop right now and certainly  never fails to surprise.


Googoo for Gaga

Lady Gaga is a social media queen. With 41.2 million followers on Twitter, and 64,325,012 likes on Facebook, how could she not be considered a social media guru? 380 more words