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SUNSHINE, a very bright little pony

This afternoon while chatting on the phone with my sister, I gazed out the window at the reaching branches of a tree and noticed bees buzzing around its verdant leaves. 157 more words

Premo Sculpey

JESSE, a super miniature pony

This little guy is only 1″ tall! And that includes the hair.

JESSE is a miniature pony with an aqua mohawk. Truthfully, he’s slightly vain. He spends more time gazing into reflective surfaces than most of the ponies he knows, but then, none of them have quite so awesome aqua mohawks. 38 more words

Premo Sculpey


Yes, his sparkly green mohawk looks like grass, and may have been the inspiration for his name… My boyfriend, who came up with “Sprout,” did originally suggest I name this little guy “Grass.” Obvious veto. 119 more words

Premo Sculpey

Bluebell, a sparkly baby unicorn

Chubby baby ponies. Ah, the cuteness!

BLUEBELL is a little baby unicorn with a penchant for pastries. The nice thing about pies and strudels is they come in such a variety of flavors. 27 more words