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fun with Silhouettes~

silhouettes Collection-01 ~ 

…not quite doppelgängers, but rather a ‘shop-recompilation of “costume” graphics that i’d made for the then-ex-Newsies for Halloween 2o13 using adobe illustrator, ha~       >[:p 


Anunciado un nuevo juego para PS Vita y móviles llamado Run Sackboy! Run!

Sony ha anunciado un nuevo juego de la franquicia LittleBigPlanet llamado Run Sackboy! Run.

Se trata de un juego de plataformas que saldrá para el PS Vita, Android y iOS este octubre. 59 more words


New LittleBigPlanet Game Announced

The team behind LittleBigPlanet 3 at Sony XDev have announced a new game for PS Vita. Called ‘Run Sackboy! Run!’, you take control of Sackboy as he runs through three different LittleBigPlanet themed worlds, collecting score bubbles and power ups along the way. 66 more words


Will Ratchet and Clank spark an animated video game movie revolution?

Next year sees the release of one of my most anticipated movies. Not Avengers 2 or Star Wars Episode VII (though obviously I can’t wait) but instead I’m talking about the Ratchet and Clank movie. 694 more words


the doppelgänger Menace in littleBigPlanetarium

blast from the past: the initial collection of the first 9 doppelgängers of the littleBigPlanetarium as of april26th2o12(木), now well over 2 years ago~ 
…now what  14 more words


Debat: Har PS Vita ingen spil?

Måden hvorpå folk bliver underholdt “on-the-go” har de seneste år ændret sig drastisk. Tidligere var det håndholdte spilleenheder såsom Nintendo’s Gameboy og DS, og Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP), som var de foretrukne enheder. 593 more words


LittleBigPlanet 3 might have a small tweak which makes a massive difference…

Reddit user Neixus was very observant with a glimpse of gameplay of the newest Sumo Digital game which is expected to arrive on both the PS3 and PS4, noting out one tweak which would be unnoticeable to the untrained eye – yet seems to make a massive difference gameplay-wise! 245 more words