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*Blog Tour and Review* Wild Temptation by Emma Hart

In this sexy new CALL series spin-off series by New York Times bestseller Emma Hart, enter the intense world of a no strings relationship and experience addiction like you never expected… 1,180 more words

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Rob Hustle featuring Liv. Call the cops

By the man’s single, the proceeds will go to Baby Bou Bou, a toddler whose half his face was blown off by a stun grenade by the pigs. 31 more words


CANDY PEOPLE  they are so cute!!   LOLLIES VS ICE BLOCKS!!!!!

   I love lollies!!!  ( :



So What Happens Once I'm Recovered?

When the word recovery is chanted everyday throughout your battle, you create an image of the time when your illness is a long lost memory, where you are eating without thinking and you are at peace with your body. 486 more words



Well as a photographer branding is an important aspect of being able to promote yourself and promote yourself to the right clientele. I am currently taking a marketing class at AIP and I had to have a logo rough. 168 more words


Speilbilde, motet og døra

Vi går alle gjennom livet på forskjellige måter. Noen lever i fortiden, andre i framtiden. Noen lever dag for dag og andre står fast. Noen av oss har store ambisjoner, noen av oss har små ambisjoner og noen har ingen ambisjoner, men erstatter disse med små mål og drømmer. 978 more words

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Pastasallad på tallriken och pannan i bordet. Fyller varenda skål med gråt och sätter tänderna i armen bara för att göra av kroppsdelarna någonstans.

Bara för att lämna ett avtryck. 39 more words