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Addressing the Elephant

There’s one story about my Live Below the Line experience that didn’t quite fit with any of my posts from July. It’s strange because for something that is so central to my life, I’ve never really spoken about it on this blog of mine. 518 more words

Live Below The Line

Where I'm at Now

Since the last post, so much has been happening that I haven’t had the time to really sit down and post to this blog. I’ve been running around organising vaccinations, fundraising, visiting my friends and family in Cyprus and been to London for the Training Weekend with the rest of the Restless Development India group! 524 more words

live below the line pasta-e-fagioli (pasta and bean soup)

One year on from my first Live Below The Line challenge in 2013, I tried a different approach to eating the same main meal every night and sandwiches for lunch, which is what I did last year. 617 more words

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Ice, Ice Baby

I don’t know about you, but I really hate viral videos and campaigns, and half the time, don’t understand the point. This past 12 months has been the yeah of the selfie and viral video (neknomination, I’m in me mum’s car, James Franco’s weird semi-nude selfies) and I hate how they clog up my twitter, facebook, and Tumblr feeds. 723 more words


A Few Future Diet Experiment Considerations

So, dearies, I’ve been thinking.

I’ve been stuck, not counting and not really pushing past it very hard, to get below 120lbs. I also have been eating like crap and not feeling all that amazing. 767 more words


Marathons, Marvel, and Murder: A week in the life of a bored graduate

I am a Graduate. It has been official for a week now. Well, 8 days. I have uploaded all the photographs and shown them to various interested parties. 1,279 more words


One on behalf of the mums-to-be

This week I reached the halfway point in my pregnancy. Over the last four and a half months I have been thinking a lot about what it might be like to carry a child while living in extreme poverty. 369 more words