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Final Thoughts

Easter has been and gone, the new term and Live Below the Line are upon us, so it’s time to draw our food series together. 641 more words


Eating Together

It’s funny how traditions change. Before Jesus was crucified he initiated what came to be known as the Lord’s Supper. Stick around the church long enough and you’ll know the story. 657 more words


Food Waste

On a wet snowy day in 2009, a large crowd of volunteers gathered in Trafalgar Square to perform a modern-day miracle of biblical scale. They brought to life hundreds of tonnes of fruit and vegetables that were deemed as waste, destined for landfill; and… 1,672 more words



It’s the morning of Tabaski (Eid Al-Adha, Feast of the Sacrifice, the Greater Eid, Kurban Bayram, Eid e Qurban, Bakr’Eid). There’s an excitement in the air. 1,434 more words


Daniel’s Live Below the Line challenge: Day 1

Today was the first day of my live below the line challenge. For breakfast I had yoghurt with banana, lunch was 3 custard creams and dinner was rice with some kind of concoction of onion, kidney beans, tinned chopped tomatoes and corned beef which did not turn out how I had expected. 291 more words


Day 1

My first day didn’t go too badly…

I can highly reccommed tesco value yorkshire puddings, but I did rediscover my hatred of both cauliflower and cornflakes, both of which will feature prominently in my week’s food. 86 more words

Post-FUNdraising fun

Thanks so much to everyone who has donated- I’ve reached my target, but you can still donate on my justgiving page (there should be a link to it on the right) 147 more words