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Ready? Steady! Ok then, go...

This year’s shopping seems somehow smaller than the last year’s one. Still 4 slices of bread a day, an egg a day, 4 bags of tea a day, can’t be all that bad, hey? 18 more words

Live Below The Line

Live Below the Line - 3 & 4

Day 3 and 4’s live below the line food consisted of more variation of my ingredients. Like day 2, it’s so interesting to have no choice but to be creative with the small amount of ingredients available. 106 more words


Meal Plan Ideas Shout Out for Live Below the Line

So… this is a shout out for ideas.

I need to start planning my meals for live below the line, where I’ll be eating for the cost of £1 a day for five days, to raise money for Action Against Hunger. 68 more words

Gluten Free

live below the line 2014

A few weeks ago I received an email from student beans that normally I wouldn’t pay much attention too, after giving it a quick skim read I would hit the delete button. 643 more words

Live Below the Line - Deux

Day two. Feelings = hungry.

The day started with a pretty normal toast and jam. Already I’m noticing the jam quickly declining so will use more sparingly… 113 more words


Stretching the Lamb Stew!

Hacks for frugality with a large family. This comes up to about GBP12, which is a bit over the budget for the Live Below Line Challenge. 273 more words

Frugal Budget