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It's Not Porn, We Are Nudist

Is it just me or is ever nudist tired of saying It’s not porn, it’s nudism. I feel like every one who isn’t a nudist or a true nudist doesn’t know what nudism is. 127 more words


I AM MEE!!...

There’s something truly PROFOUND about our personal path to self discovery. Obviously no two journeys are exactly alike… Even for conjoined twins physically attached to their sibling at birth. 366 more words


Overcoming Fear and Insecurity - Part II

‘Comparison is the doorway to envy. Envy is the road to discontentment. And discontentment will lead your heart to ruin.’ – Chloe Somerfield

Welcome back to the second series! 559 more words

Identity And Self-worth

Bad Piggy Attitudes & A Few Life Lessons

Has anyone else noticed it is already December? These last few months have been a wild blur of activity.

We have had several high 60 degree days here in good old North Carolina, and it just reminds me of the many reasons I love this state.   567 more words

Live as you please

Just because getting married and having children are what people do in life doesn’t mean you need to.
If you want a family then great for you! 146 more words


My Views On Crossfit and why it is Important to You

This blog is all about change. Facing change. Seeking Change. Embracing change. This blog is about open mindedness, challenging the status quo, and accomplishing 10X goals in life and in Biz. 548 more words