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The NOW - Haiku.

<<  ARRGHH… – Haiku.

 My THEME was :  This image. 

                       Past Is History,

                                       And Future Is Mystery,

                                                        Live In The Present.

Gone – Haiku. >>


Don’t regret your past learn from it

There is no such thing as a life without any regrets. However, regrets can become either burdens that interfere with your present happiness and restrict your future, or motivation to move forward. 368 more words

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A Betty Crocker Tornado

Every so often I get slammed with what I like to call “domestic fever”. This is when I dig into my house and after a few hours I’ve brought about a Betty Crocker tornado of fresh linens, sun tea, homemade pies, spotless floors, polished furniture, and a green manicured lawn. 104 more words


3 Things To Do Today To Begin Your Journey To Happy

Everyone loves a great book, movie, storyline any day and every day. The challenge however, comes when we close the book, the credits roll and we go back to the natural lighting in the room. 555 more words


What's the Difference Between Caring for and Controlling an Alcoholic?

My wife drinks in cycles. She has huge benders which involve her drinking for days at a time on her own, locking herself in, not knowing or caring whether it’s day or night, just drinking to block everything out. 406 more words


Was I in Denial of My Codependency?

Well here goes….My first Post!

Firstly, hi to anyone that has somehow managed to stumble on my blog and welcome.

Q. Was I in denial of my codependency? 249 more words


CF Tip: Live in the Present

Living in the present.  This is something that I frequently have to remind myself of, and I think it’s very common for control freaks to have this problem. 113 more words

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