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What if?

What if you were told, you only have 1 hour left to live? Not a day. Not a week. Not a year. An hour. Here’s the catch, you can’t tell anyone you only have an hour left to live, you just have to keep going, and pretend you’re not going to die. 308 more words

Deserving of Pancakes......

Adrianna Mitchell is a woman that exudes a powerful presence. Her tall tan, fit body – sculpted with
muscles earned by running 15 miles a week. 2,145 more words

I don't care what you think!!

Hey guys! Hope you guys are all well. So recently I have been thinking about my school days, which was not that long ago. I tend to think about the past when I  am bored or a neutral stimuli reminds me of something. 240 more words

Listening For Two

It was late in the season. The tournament led the series against Barca 2–1, with the second leg already taking place today at 3:30. I was busy. 844 more words

Better People

The Hero That Goes Unsung

Ever wondered about this….
The story of the boy who gave his lunch to the disciples to share with the multitude is well known. Jesus took the five small loaves and two fishes, blessed the food which was multiplied miraculously, and thousands of hungry people were satisfied. 362 more words

Better People

Traveling is Living

Traveling is not for the faint of heart. It can be stressful dealing with flights, missed connections, and baggage fees. People get homesick, not sleeping in the same bed every night or being able to call your family can wear on a person. 695 more words