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Today is the day that is happening now. It’s the same as yesterday was when it was today. Very soon it will be similar to yesterday in another way as well. 57 more words

Live Life

Blue (close up)

Old work just found again.

Abstract art has been a subconscious natural outlet for me. I have many examples of work like this done in between other things I was working on at the time. 6 more words

House Hunting International: Beijing

A.K.A. The Bane of My Existence

I have written and re-written this blog entry more times than I care to count. Flat hunting has done my head in and starting to give me an ulcer – pretty sure I just got a crick in my neck thinking about it. 830 more words

Live Life


Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.


Look Up

“Don’t be a servant to your phone. If all you are doing is reacting to calls then you will never develop. You need to have time to be free, and for your head to be free to think.” Joanna Lumley… 461 more words

Some San Diego Perspective

I just spent the past four days at the San Diego NACHC CHI 2014 conference. A National Association for Community Health Centers, they focus on healthcare for the undeserved, often un-insured, population. 424 more words