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Mantra of the week: I celebrate my smalles accomplishments...

Start with a beautiful mantra or affirmation into this week and say it minimum once a day to yourself:

I celebrate my smalles accomplishments. Each is a positive step forward on my path.

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Live Your Life

Challenge #9: F.orget A.ll T.hat...L.ive Y.our L.ife A.dventurously

It’s fair to say that as a kid, it would take a certain amount of bravery to go against my sister. She is eight years older, therefore, bigger, stronger, faster, smarter, and just plain better at things…especially fighting. 991 more words


Challenge #8: F.orget A.ll T.hat...L.et Y.our L.uggage A.scend

Only God could help the person who my sister ruled as treating me unfairly. Once Lee caught wind of someone calling me a name or being mean to me, she would unleash a wrath that only God could stop. 966 more words


Where are you now?

Technology.  What a beautiful thing.  Or is it?  I have grown up in the era of extreme technology growth.  Cellphones going from the size of a brick to smaller than a bar of soap.   418 more words


Throwback II

Here’s another me-throwing-some-music-back.

Destiny’s Child – Say My Name (2000)

Say my name say my name.. if you’re male or female, you definitely sang along with the song back then. 283 more words


Selfie #20, 21 & 22

20. August 20, 2014

Why, yes, there was a thunderstorm. How did you know??

21. August 21,2014

22. August 22, 2014

10 killer strategies that make you the Happiest personality (Part 2)

Continuation of part 1…….

3. Learn From your Mother:

Think of your mother and learn from her If you want to be happy in life. She works hard for the people she cares for, without any expectations. 609 more words