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Overcoming "I'm not good enough"

In life we face many challenges, and in order to be successful and find our happiness we must overcome many things that block us. Overcoming “I’m not good enough” is not easy, especially if it is something you have been conditioned to think and feel. 896 more words


The words say it all.

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The words speak for me this Friday morning. I’ll be back later on…when I’ve attended to my life. Know that feeling?

I’d love to play RIGHT NOW, but I have to be somewhere else, doing something else. 39 more words



Disagree if you must
But do not hate

Turn the page when you are done
However, do not forget what you have read

Engulf in fury when you feel the need… 64 more words


Carpe Diem

Let nothing hold you back from being the you that you have always wanted to be.

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Mantra of the week: I recognize times of crisis. I face problems bravely...

Start with a beautiful mantra or affirmation into this week and say it minimum once a day to yourself:

I recognize times of crisis. I face problems bravely.

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Live Your Life

What's Wrong with Facing my Fears?

I had a recent conversation with someone who felt it was “silly to do something that scares you just to prove a point to yourself”. Unfortunately I couldn’t get this person to understand that facing your fears is so much more than proving a point. 228 more words

For all those Moments**

On September 30th, I did the most terrifying and exciting thing of my life. I launched my first business, Sugarbeets. I had been working on the business for about a year until finally I decided it was ready to be released into the world. 627 more words

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