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Welcome to the Fun Culture! First Part 1.1

Whenever I drive over railroad tracks, I lift up my feet and make a wish.  Always. I wish as many times as I can, about all sorts of things. 502 more words


The Big 30!

Almost everyone has their own “10 things you accomplish before you are 30” list. The point here is everyone “will” have a say.

I have one too. 865 more words


The Beginning

28, and lovin’ it.

But then again, being at this age… it’s kind of in-between. I can say I’m young, and of course, I can say I’m “old”. 80 more words



Welcome! This post is going to give you the run down! You probably already figured out my name, Courtney Gilbert (*hint: its on the front page/top of the pages) and what this site is all about. 485 more words


December 19, 2014

Celebrated Hanukkah with my girls! Started at the Hanukkah service. It seemed quick, but sadly not too many songs were sung. We lit candles at my Moms so we can maintain some sort of tradition. 43 more words

WE choose to chain ourselves,
Society demands allegiance.
Locking in our truth,
Accepting mediocracy,
Afraid of treason.
We fear being labeled,
We fear standing out. 18 more words