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It’s been a while since I last dedicated a blog to living on a houseboat. I did say I’d write about it again. This is as good a time as any, especially given that I feel no pull towards any of my short stories in progress. 512 more words

Commencement of phase four.

Phase four . . .sounds almost ominous; does it not?  I’m finally through phase three of my training; which basically means all the heavy academic stuff is out of the way; which I am pleased with. 334 more words

Day One in 120 days meditation

So the challenge is to stay focus and dedicated to see this meditation through – I’ve never done a 120 days meditation before. I did some which lasted 40 days and surprised myself at my resolve… But I haven’t committed to doing one in a long time. 362 more words


Coastal Cruising

“When choosing a liveaboard and voyaging yacht, many people tend to identify with the norm that magazines are pushing…” Ted Clements – The Cockpit as Safe Haven…

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To Liveaboard or Day-trip?

I’m currently planning my next diving adventure and stumbled across a question many people would struggle with when planning a dive trip; to go on a liveaboard or do multiple day-trips?

Scuba Diving

Winter Ice Storm & 5 Days Without Hydro

Winter on the great lakes is an adventure in itself, But every now and then mother nature decides to make things even more adventurous. This winter has been one for the record books, from Snow, to ice storms and an unrelenting never ending deep freeze. 804 more words

Marine Trader Trawler

Electrical Wiring Overhaul Part 1

Well, what can I say other then here I go again!!!

I am not sure how this always seams to be the case, but !!! I have come to the reality that every person who buys a boat should be given free classes in wiring. 604 more words

Marine Trader Trawler