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Fighting Evil By Moonlight - Let's Watch Sailor Moon Crystal, Episode 3

Act 3 – Sailor Mars

Stop drop and roll Jadeite cuz you just got BURNED (hey, foreshadowing!)

Open to Jadeite getting chewed out because he’s failed twice in a row so far to obtain the Legendary Silver Crystal, and the other Dark Generals are seeing this as an opportunity to perform. 1,871 more words


We’re live blogging the live bloggers who are live blogging today’s Apple Live Event!

Apple's Second Fall Launch: Thinner iPads, Higher-Res iMac and No Bono

Apple announced a slew of new products at its second fall event Thursday — all of which were essentially upgrades to its existing devices, including a thinner iPad, a higher-resolution iMac and a more efficient Mac Mini. 227 more words


Fake Live Blog: Three Men And A Baby

I was trying to type up an essay I wrote, and felt the doubt and the fear and mostly, deeply depressed. I put a frozen lasagna in the oven, and started watching… 1,007 more words

Fighting Evil By Moonlight - Let’s Watch Sailor Moon Crystal, Ep 2

Act 2 – Sailor Mercury

Open to a shot of mild mannered middle school student Ami Mizuno, having a Good Will Hunting moment. Everyone else is in awe at her intelligence. 1,507 more words


Gunpowder, treason and PLOT PLOT PLOT

Hiya! It feels like I haven’t done a post in ages so here we go…

You may recall a post I did about 2 months ago about how I was just going to try and write my first draft despite the fact that my plot idea was pretty wishy washy. 398 more words


Gut Reaction: Liveblogging How to Get Away With Murder Ep. 2

Even though it is the loveliest time of year for the avid TV show consumer, the magic of pilot season must not only revolve around the actual pilots. 1,580 more words

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