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Hey guys, if anyone watches Suits and/or Graceland on USA I liveblog every new episode on Tumblr so you should check out my tumblr when the shows air at spiritanimalcharlie.tumblr.com or follow the tag sierrac liveblogs

Fighting evil by moonlight - Let's Watch Sailor Moon Crystal, Ep1!

So, I realized that I actually quite like reviewing stuff (see the Fate/Zero posts), and being that Sailor Moon, the show that I’d always try to watch as a little kid but could never get home in time for just got a reboot, this is as good a show as any to start doing it again. 1,403 more words


Live Blog: DOJ and Police Advisory Commission Forum on Philly Police-Involved Shootings

7:49 -¬†Albert David Pernell says his son was fatally shot in 2011. “Never hear black cops killing white kids, or white cops killing white kids.” Audience applauds. 441 more words

Local News

The Crying Game (em português)

If anyone has forgotten, these “proud” Brazilians are one and the same that refuse to acknowledge their own contributions to a brutal match and have… 35 more words

World Cup 2014

Germany-Brazil: A pre-post-mortem

Thiago “Thug” Silva is out. Neymar is out. Brazil has been on life support vs. Mexico, Chile, and Colombia even with them in. Only a series of questionable no-calls, and a clearly rubbish refereeing match vs. 102 more words

World Cup 2014

Liveblog! Super Mario Bros film

It’s time for another video game film, kids. We trotted through Lara Croft: Tomb Raider last time, which was pretty special. It was a fun, fairly nonsensical, physics defying romp. 2,600 more words