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Talks in the Living Room


our programme of speakers has now resumed with our new, custom made arena. row A= people sitting on carpet, row B = people sitting on the sofa, row C = people sitting on the Supreme Court windowsill. 166 more words


Armchair Protesting

Spirits are high this morning. Banners are up and look great, and just now the occupiers have set up a mock living room outside the Supreme Court. 45 more words


Occupy the Supreme Court

We’ve taken up residence outside the Supreme Court, relatively permanently it seems. Bit of an amphitheatre vibe. After a brief stand off with the police which resulted in one arrest, the collective will turns to the grander purpose of discussions and organisation and fixing the world etc.   97 more words


Location change & First general assembly

So, some of you might have seen the upgraded fencing around the square which, despite the GLA’s poe-faced claim last week that it was there to protect the grass, now includes most of the pavement, several pedestrian walkways and the statue of Nelson Mandela. 156 more words


Preps for #occupydemocracy tonight

Hello speculative readers!

Welcome to the #occupydemocracy liveblog!

First rule of the liveblog is: You may never refer to #occupydemocracy  without the hashtag. ‘Occupy Democracy’ is so last month, and now it’s  323 more words


A Day in the Life of This Premed

On Friday, I live-tweeted my day, as best as I could at least. Why? Well, the reason was mostly for an assignment for my creative writing course; but the idea is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while. 400 more words


[[Review]] BIG HERO 6

TL;DR: GO SEE THIS MOVIE. Seriously, just. GO SEE IT.

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