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Why meeting organizers should cancel meetings from their calendar and not by email

  1. Because cancelling from the calendar like in video2 here sends  the meeting participants not only a (0)message, which includes a handy “Remove from calendar” button, …
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Have patience if you see “No free/busy information could be retrieved” on Room mailbox

When trying to schedule a room, I am now seeing this:

When ctrl-right clicking: , I get this as my connection status:

Becomes available after a long while: … 14 more words


What a delegate in MS-Outlook/MS-Exchange is and does

  1. Definitions:
    1. I would say: S/he can act on your behalf, while you keep in the loop and others see who s/he is acting on behalf of which disintermediates (e.g.
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If MS-Exchange room mailbox does not auto-decline, but forwards conflicting requests

  1. This room should auto-decline conflicting requests, but forwards them:
  2. If you log in as the room and look under Options / See more options / Settings / Resource:
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