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Guildlines on poverty survey now online

The Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN) has applied these guidelines and format for reporting on the human vulnerability in countries in the Southern Africa region. 54 more words

Food Security

Where the Ordinary becomes the Extraordinary: New initiatives and new opportunities for coastal communities in Northern Mozambique

This article was written by Dominique Bovens in March 2014

In February, I travelled to Moma District in Northern Mozambique to conduct a socio-economic impact survey on the fish sanctuaries in Thapua and Coroane. 658 more words


Climate change adaptation can help to promote Sub-Saharan African Livelihoods.

Investing in ways to adapt to climate change will promote the livelihood of 65 per cent of Africans, the United Nations environmental agency reported, warning also that failing to address the phenomenon could reverse decades of development progress on the continent. 355 more words


The Unsung Heroes of the African Mobile Revolution

In 1999 Kenya-based mobile network company Safaricom projected that the mobile phone market in Kenya would reach three million subscribers by 2020. In 2010, Safaricom alone had over 14 million subscribers. 754 more words

Liming - On the Edge - Diversity in the Caribbean

We were told to concentrate on natural resources, and I think our paymasters were expecting a report that covered just the conflict between fisheries and tourism.  857 more words


Liming - On the Edge - Wind and Working out the Islands

For the rest of the year, the trade wind doth blow.  Mainly from the north east, these pummel the east or windward sides of the islands.  874 more words