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In the eye of the invasive species storm

17th September 2014-  Last weekend I experienced first-hand the impacts that invasive species can have. While carrying out research on an infestation of Opuntia Stricta… 287 more words


New research on land reform in Zimbabwe

As mentioned last week, the University of Sussex hosted the major biennial UK African Studies Association conference. Around 600 delegates were registered, and there was a real buzz, with panels on every conceivable topic from every corner of the continent. 1,372 more words

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Here is a useful summary of the papers presented by Leila Sinclair-Bright, Gareth James and Grasian Mkodzongi, at the ASAUK conference last week. To accompany the recording of the discussion, here is a link to my own PowerPoint slides, which should help to further illustrate the points made during my presentation. I'm afraid it doesn't make much sense without them, so I hope that those who are interested find this additional material both interesting and useful.  

Beyond the (agricultural) field of vision: Situational analysis in northwest Vietnam

The highly sloped landscape of upland northwest Vietnam (photo credit: ILRI/Jo Cadilhon).

The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) in collaboration with CGIAR and national partners, and as part of the Humidtropics CGIAR Research Program, has released ‘A situational analysis of agricultural production and marketing and natural resources management systems in northwest Vietnam’. 855 more words


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“Empowerment for better livelihoods, including skills development and vocational and education training (VET), for marginalised and vulnerable persons, and people dependent on the informal economy” (AAP 2013) 1,000 more words

Social Development

Bonded Labourers – ‘What Little We Earned’

When the Kamaiya (bonded labour) system of southwestern Nepal was abolished in 2001, the government promised them land, by creating camps for the freed Kamaiya on government land here each family was supposed to receive its own small plot. 709 more words


Guildlines on poverty survey now online

The Food, Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Analysis Network (FANRPAN) has applied these guidelines and format for reporting on the human vulnerability in countries in the Southern Africa region. 54 more words

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