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The Red Meat Footprint


Bianca Nogrady

In Western, industrialized countries, our diets revolve around meat. But rumours abound that being vegetarian is better for the environment. Could there be some truth to it? 482 more words


Pictures of Mary Moo

Well after a very hard couple of days, Mary Moo is now finally eating steadily. Just FYI make sure your calf is being weaned when you tell them you are coming to get her… grr… Not only did she miss momma something terrible, but she hadnt been on her own until the afternoon we picked her up. 182 more words



The movie Cowspiracy has come out.  I was so excited to learn that someone was finally asking these questions – why aren’t environmental organizations talking about livestock’s impact on the environment?  84 more words


Raising Chickens

It’s been a few years since we first brought chickens home. It’s been an adventure. I have funny stories, I have sad stories, I have unexplainable stories. 984 more words


IBLI Borena Household Survey Data is publicly available

IBLI Borena Household Survey Data is publicly available. For more details, visit ILRI Datasets Portal:


Livestock Update

Well, The Coral Reef shop really came through for me with the most majestic, fantastic, gorgeous Majestic Angel I’ve seen.  At first when I saw her in the store, I thought, oh dear, this fish is MUCH too big for our tank.  161 more words


Check out the new blog featuring HPJ livestock

Throughout the year the livestock department will be making updates to the HPJ Livestock blog.

Updates will be coming from Mark Sims and Guy Peverley as they work ringside during the production sale season.


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