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Till the Cows Come Home to Double Dan Ranch

Referring to my husband as a “farmer” is incredibly awkward to me. He raises livestock, not crops, so in my mind and probably most everyone’s west of the Mississippi he qualifies as a rancher. 608 more words


Rangeland Solutions Launches Monitoring & Evaluation Program in Olekimunke

At Rangeland Solutions, we strongly believe in the importance of collecting hard, quantifiable data to measure and demonstrate the impact of our work.   This is not only to help inform our decision-making and planning, but also to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our program members, the pastoralists. 274 more words

101: Visiting Livestock Barns

The Iowa State Fair is nearing and it is the most blissful time of the year in our house.  We have daily access to the best event Iowa has going.  1,174 more words

Board of Livestock Creates Budget Subcommittee, Encourages Industry Participation

(The following is a press release from the Montana Department of Livestock after their Board meeting on Tuesday, July 29, 2014. Minutes from the meeting will be available… 331 more words


Is She Breathing?

I’ve read every pig book, I’m lucky enough to know a lot of brilliant pig people, and it goes without saying that I’m hands on. At the risk of sounding redundant, though, there are just too many little things they left out, or these are things you just can’t explain. 360 more words


Maize stover: A potential green fodder in Ethiopia

Maize is a major food crop in the lowlands and mid-highlands of Ethiopia, but its stover is not utilized efficiently as animal feed, particularly in rain-fed maize production systems. 432 more words


Objects in the Mirror are Larger Than They Appear

It’s been a blue moon since I’ve been here. Frankly, it’s because someone forgot to tell me I’d be too busy taking care of pigs to write about pigs. 363 more words