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It's more than "just a cow"

Moo! That might be a cow’s way of saying “hello, and thank you for reading!”

Showing livestock, more specifically cattle, has been around for years and is something that some people do as their favorite past-time. 193 more words


Abundance Farm hiring Young Farmers for Collaborative Farming

Keysville, Virginia

Run by Elli Sparks and Rob Staropoli, Abundance Farm consists of 111 acres in south-central Virginia owned by Elli’s aunt.  Currently, British White cattle graze 40 acres of pasture; a flock of Khaki Campbell ducks follows the cattle to cleanse pastures; a growing herd of American Guinea Hogs eat mast in the 70 acres of woodlands; and a pair of Maremma livestock guard dogs guards the animals. 277 more words


January on the Croft

The end of January is nearly here, and it is normally about this time, about 6-8 weeks ahead of lambing, that I would be thinking  about supplementing the sheeps’  diet of grass with concentrated feed stuff and haylage. 403 more words

When Things Don't Go as Planned

As we all know, even the best laid plans often go awry. In addition, sometimes even the most exciting of times become quite gloomy. As I stated in one of last week’s posts, kidding season is off and running. 485 more words


The crop bias in resettlement: why pastoralists in Matabeleland are losing out

Discussion of livelihoods after land reform in Zimbabwe has been dominated by studies from Mashonaland, focusing particularly on crop production. Few studies have explored land reform in Matabeland, particularly in the pastoral livestock-keeping areas of Matabeland South. 1,037 more words

5 ways unmanned drones could affect the American food supply

WASHINGTON (AP) – Herding cattle. Counting fish. Taking an animal’s temperature. Applying pesticides.

When it comes to drones, “your imagination can go pretty wild in terms of what would be possible,” says Roger Johnson, president of the National Farmers Union. 765 more words


Overgrazing leading to soil desertification

 Photo credit: Pixabay

Livestock at the Nile

How does overgrazing cause desertification?

By Lauren Carlson

In the film, “Hope in a Changing Climate,” reviewed last month… 95 more words