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The Beeswax on My Mastectomy

I suppose not everybody celebrates the anniversary of their mastectomy. We all have to deal with getting dealt shitty hands like cancer or ALS or breaking a foot or being broken up with… (Pain is pain. 1,851 more words

Breast Cancer

The Luckiest Ice Bucket

August 25, 2014

Has anyone challenged you yet?  Have any of your friends excitedly sent you a clip of someone dumping a bucket of ice water over their head?  1,753 more words


Ending a trend, Believing and Achieving

Take a second to stop, reflect and be sure you’re living the life you should be…

This morning I trampled up Chimney Gulch, a local trail which left me at 5 miles, over all, on this particular run with plenty of vertical gain and enough emotion to spin the earth. 320 more words


Ice Bucket Challenge?

No thanks. Not for me.

I can’t seem to avoid it. And it bothers me. And it bothers me that I’m not sure why.

It’s for charity, right? 754 more words

Fertility Clinic Appointment

Today I met with a fertility doctor to discuss the possibility of harvesting my eggs.  In yesterday’s post I highlighted the fertility support of the Livestrong Foundation and they guided me to the… 270 more words

"Are You Going to Have Another?"

Almost immediately after giving birth to one child someone (usually someone tactless) asks, “are you planning on having another?”  It seems over time that question gets asked more and more.   243 more words

glutton for gluten

It has been on my radar for a while — gluten and the role it might play in Parkinson’s. I found this piece, Gluten Sensitivity and Parkinson’s Disease, 117 more words