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Celebrating the holiday season abroad

From now until after New Years our house is décor central. The truth is that it will be a while before the house looks “normal.” Currently we’re in Halloween mode and then that will be replaced with Thanksgiving and then Christmas. 367 more words

The truth about love

Hey – this is supposed to be an adventure journal, a ripping travelogue from steamy South America! So where do I keep disappearing to? You have every right to ask. 1,258 more words


Nothing Nutty About It

So I could say I am a little busy, in the same way that Shinjuku Station is a little crowded or that this horse is only a little bigger than average. 500 more words


Fighting Foreign Hospital Fear

Try saying that five times fast. Okay friends, this is going to be a somewhat serious post, so buckle up.

That I know of, I’ve never had any sort of medical experience outside of the U.S. 1,033 more words

The mother of invention

This recipe was born of necessity. As necessity is the mother of invention… it did, of course, turn out rather wonderful. Picture it, a cold winter weekend, we should have gone out to the supermarket but instead we hunkered down in front of the fire. 312 more words

Sandra Danby

How to deal with homesickness

It seems like my confident proclamation that I would update my blog once weekly has now turned into an amusing and utterly false statement, which probably surprises no one who is well-acquainted with my personality. 1,279 more words


Mañana: The Spanish Philosophy of Life

I have always been stressed and worried about something in life. Either I’ve been worried about what others think about me or how an action I choose will effect me in the future.   394 more words