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The Weekly Update

**Apparently this did not get published on Monday as I originally intended, but nonetheless here it is…

Well, people I’m back at it.  The third week of the term starts tomorrow, which is crazy! 568 more words

Study Abroad

Up to the neck in it in South Korea

There’s a couple of things I struggle to comprehend in Korea. One is spitting.. ..apparently the handkerchief being used to blow ones nose in public is bad manners. 1,378 more words

South Korea

I'll Get Better, I Promise!

So I am back from my adventures and I want to apologize… But before I do that I want to tell you what I was doing before I left Istanbul. 184 more words

Study Abroad

One Month Left in Budapest

One month!? After three and a half years in Central Europe, it’s hard to imagine our time here is nearly over. I look back to that first night in Bratislava; an Italian dinner on the Danube, a restless night at the Marrol Hotel, and then each of us dragging two massive suitcases clickety-clack over the cobblestone streets to our apartment. 612 more words


Winter strikes 'paradise'

The wind and rain cometh, the little sunny paradise that the Gibraltar was has been blown away by the salt spray, ‘WAGs’ (Wives and grumblers) are in full flow. 258 more words


From Thailand to Hollywood

Two weeks ago we had a pretty normal day. We woke up, ate our Wheaties, annnnddd went to act in a Jason Stathem, Jessica Alba, and Tommy Lee Jones movie. 467 more words


What's new in Kathmandu

In some ways this is unbelievable, simply because I never thought this day would come, but honestly, Kathmandu is looking better than ever. When I say “ever”, I am referring to the last two years I’ve been here, so not exactly “ever”, but you know what I mean. 447 more words