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Coming Home

It’s weird. I thought it would be more strange coming home. I didn’t experience any jet lag and so far there has been minor culture shock. 198 more words

A Day In The Life

No electricity for Foreigners (i.e. moving countries is hard)

I hate asking for help. Well…that’s not quite true. From a small subset of people I am quite happy to ask for help, as my long-suffering PhD office mate will attest, but from people in authority? 625 more words

Living Abroad

An Impromptu Adventure

“Sometimes it is better to live life without plans. To go exactly where you want to go, in whatever moment you choose.”

Adana-Karataş 4.23.14 00:00… 71 more words


Five Athletes and What They Wish They Knew Before Going Overseas

Becky Paven

  • First I wish I had known how difficult and in my situation impossible a long distance relationship would be.
  • Second I wish I had better prepared myself for spending my first Christmas alone.
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Before You Go

How many ways… a delicate sunset

What is it about a sunset that makes me come over all poetical? It is no mystery to me that nature has inspired some our best-loved poetry: Wordsworth, Frost, Hardy, Coleridge, Keats, Whitman, it is a long list. 137 more words

Sandra Danby

Living Abroad is the Best Preparation for Career Success

This summer, Alliance Abroad will send thousands of students from the U.S. and other countries to work in Australia. And when they return, simply by virtue of having lived abroad, they’ll be more creative, more innovative, better able to devise solutions to problems than they would have been otherwise. 426 more words