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Top 8 Survival Tips for The “Language-Challenged” in Italy

Tip #1:    Point and grunt.

Tip #2:    Always have Google Translate open on your phone and a copy of the “Alfabeto Fonetico” in your wallet. My name spelled out this way is… 151 more words


Working From Abroad

I’ve mentioned I’m a consultant. While I mainly work on-site for different companies (I work in advertising/marketing research and strategy), I have also worked while abroad for the past three summers for 4-6 weeks at a time for various companies on different types of projects. 2,281 more words

Living In Spain

Temporary Home

Have you ever wanted to have a glimpse into your future? Why not, it would make the next step easier, right? Well I’m currently stating in Doha, Qatar for the next few weeks and I’m totally a fish out of water over here. 391 more words

One Girls Discovery

Living Abroad: A Nomad’s Guide to Home-Loose Living by Ellen Barone

Ellen and her husband packed up and “moved” to Latin America

I am two women: a homebody and a traveler.

Part of me adores the cozy conveniences of home: preparing and sharing meals in a familiar kitchen, spending time in the garden, having closets filled with shoes and clothes, established routines, and easy access to family and friends. 1,300 more words

Living Abroad

How to Have the Perfect Holiday, Alone

You know, sometimes it’s completely necessary to pack your bags and escape from everything with someone who truly deserves it- you. The thought of going on holiday alone is probably a strange concept for most, but for me I couldn’t imagine a better way. 605 more words


It's talking about perspective. I think.

After traveling and being lost all day
Emily walked into the entrance of a Brooks Shoe’s store.
A worker greeted her nonchalantly and
She wondered passed in a tired daze as her eyes gazed… 804 more words

Cherry Clafouti

Clafouti is another French dessert that is surprisingly easy to make. I’m discovering that when using fresh fruit, not a lot more needs to be done. 284 more words