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Game Plan

An old friend has been staying with me the last few days in Bogota and has been immensely helpful in giving me some perspective about my time here. 554 more words

Hipsters and brides: A visit to Harajuku, Yoyogi Park and Meiji Shrine (Part 2)

To get to Meiji-jinju, we left behind the crowded city streets, crossed over a bridge spanning the railway line, and walked onto a wide gravel path leading into a wooded oasis. 737 more words

Military Life

Don't Flush Like, Anything or: My First Two Weeks in China. Part two!

I sort of feel like I am marathon-blogging to establish this all and also to write it down before I forget it. Just kidding, my longterm memory is woefully impeccable. 945 more words

Living Abroad

Bird song: Booted Eagle

We are lucky enough to welcome a pair of visiting booted eagles to the valley each summer. They are, according to our bird book, an endangered species. 105 more words

Sandra Danby

Don't Flush Like, Anything or: My First Two Weeks in China. Part One!

Getting from Binghamton, New York to Zhenjiang, China takes a long time. This is an understatement, of course, and something that literally anyone could figure out. 919 more words

Living Abroad

Europe, Again

While sitting during worship last Sunday morning, I was thinking about the fact that I really need to put in a final and transitional post on this blog. 759 more words

Hello, hi, nǐ hǎo or whatever: This Is My First Blog Post

“start a blog, Kayleigh”

“you’re traveling the world, Kayleigh”

“start a blog or you’ll regret it, Kayleigh.”

Okay, literally no one has said these things to me .Except for me to myself. 544 more words