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Define "Home"

What do you define “Home” to be? I found this poster, which defines it as “Home is wherever I am with you”, inferring that because I’m with the family, I am “home”.  95 more words

neverending expat stories of lost and found friendships

I thought of the “friends abroad” thing yesterday and today I woke up, finding out that it’s the international friendship day. Well that I call intuition! 662 more words


Burana Tower

Some eight kilometers south of the tiny town of Tokmok, seventy kilometers outside of Bishkek are the last remaining remmanents of an ancient Soghdian (Iranian) kingdom – the severed Burana Tower and a few hundred carved stones. 12 more words


Holding On

I spoke to my parents the other day. My father was criticizing the way my mother cleaned a window, and in the middle of the video call went over to clean it better. 565 more words

Culture Shock

The other day I had to buy some tokens for the washing machine at CATIE. The lady who works there who I see on a regular basis looked at me and said: … 179 more words

I'm Not In Kansas Anymore

Keeping a Secret!

Due to my age and a previous  miscarriage I have been keeping this pregnancy a secret. Only a few people knew including my family and ass. 118 more words

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