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Being Important

I’m feeling restless tonight as if I should be doing something important, but here I am at the computer, playing games of solitaire. (Well, I was playing games. 563 more words


'Older people in our society need to learn to have a life of their own. Instead of seeking happiness in their kids’ lives, ...'

1. What prevents the Indian elderly from ‘seeking fulfilment in their own actions’?

Do they face pressure not to ‘live alone’? Or disapproval if they do not ‘help’ their adult children run their lives and have and raise their children? 929 more words

Indian Homemaker

Who Does Furniture Really Benefit?

I moved into my new condo two months ago. I can proudly say that my bedroom is complete, if only in the sense of basics furnishing (bed, dresser, side table) and not decorating (it’s a bit like a white waiting room with just the necessary furniture and no decorations, paintings or colourful throws whatsoever). 986 more words


5 Reasons I Love Living Alone

When I first moved into my apartment, a lot of people asked me how I thought I’d handle living on my own.  And honestly, it made me nervous.   381 more words

Other Stuff

Darn This Is Hard... Knowing what I want and wanting what I can't have.

Have you ever had a dream about what your life is supposed to be like and in reality is nothing what you expected?  That is what I am going through.  481 more words

Good Eggs on the Pilgrimage to a Happy Life

11/15/2014,  It is said that those who like children, the elderly, and animals are okay people.  Also, the comment that someone is a good egg, cool, or really knowledgeable all are examples of judging a person’s characteristic.   843 more words

"What a lovely surprise to finally discover how unlonely being alone can be."

The day has a pretty start with a blue sky and sunshine though it is chilly. My bird feeder is getting lots of attention. I saw house and gold finches, titmice, my friends the chickadees, a woodpecker at the suet, nuthatches and the other day a flicker. 346 more words