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A Community of Caring

Last week, my friend Atsuko Hirai died at home, having lived six months longer than the most optimistic prognosis she was given when she was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer 2 1/2 years ago. 1,033 more words


Things that go bump in the night

I am not very good in the dark. It is one of the more practical things I miss about the ex. Having him there meant that I wasn’t alone in an evening, and due to his side of the bed being closest to the door, I was aware if anyone broke in in the middle of the night they would have to get through/over/round him (regardless of whether or not he was actually awake) before they could get to me. 399 more words

My Problem?

Nothing to do with flowers and bees, everything to do with being alone

For financial reasons, over the years since my divorce, I’ve lived with people to help offset household costs. My tenants have usually been in transition, making their home with me for several weeks to several months before┬ámoving out and on. 510 more words

From widow to comfortably single - a slow evolution

I’m starting to become comfortably single. I don’t think about people seeing me as alone or the poor widow anymore. I don’t see myself that way so much. 424 more words

Living Alone

Being Alone in London

I’ve spent the last 10 months or so living in London while studying for my MA. I’ll be leaving in just under two weeks, and I’m still unsure about the time I’ve spent. 500 more words


The Six Stages of Living Alone for the First Time

For my entire twenty two years on this earth, I have always lived with someone. Sometimes that someone was my family, and, in more recent years, roommates. 1,284 more words

One inch at a time

This may look like an ordinary, unmade bed to you, but to me this is a triumph. You see, just over 3 1/2 years ago my husband and I separated. 515 more words