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Widowhood: The adjustment of eating alone

After becoming an empty-nest widow or divorcee, you come to the realization that you will be frequently eating alone. You can’t really go out to eat every night (well, I suppose some could) and getting take-out still means you are dining with yourself. 265 more words


Rhymes with Dromebook

I have been travelling with a laptop that is smaller and lighter than my usual laptop, and it has been driving me slightly crazy. At one point I was tempted to throw it out of the window of a high-rise in Chicago. 585 more words

Living And Learning

Things My Parents Never Told Me About Living Alone: Part 4

Walking up the foothill back to campus the second time wasn’t the same as the first. I knew what to expect this time and I was really excited about my next class. 817 more words


Go to the movies solo

The other weekend I had the house to myself. While I was excited to laze around in my pajamas and watch whatever I wanted on TV, I was even more pumped for a night out by myself to see a movie. 311 more words

Advice On Moving

of old doors and new

Moving into a new house was as exhausting as it was exciting. There was all the packing, loading, unloading and unpacking to do. Four times in one day, by the way, without any help whatsoever. 467 more words


Things My Parents Never Told Me About Living Alone: Part 3

I woke up at 5am that first day there. My first class wasn’t until 10:45 and my internal clock was completed twisted. I had no TV, no phone, no Internet access. 869 more words


Living alone

Doing those things she used to do for you

Sometimes it feels like life happens to you, especially when your journey intersects with death, divorce or desertion; or you find yourself temporarily separated from the woman who had been taking care of business at your place. 491 more words