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Being Alone vs Being Lonely

Last time I posted about loneliness and made some suggestions on how to overcome it. I neglected to mention that just because someone is alone doesn’t mean they’re lonely. 542 more words


How not to cook Sunday Lunch. Lil reflects on old age and entertaining.

My cooking days are numbered, it is one of the things about old age that they don’t warn you about. Cooking becomes a stressful chore not worth bothering with. 856 more words

Old Age

Things My Parents Never Told Me About Living Alone: Part 13

As I looked at all the students rushing to their classes, trying to adhere to the schedules that had been given to them, I couldn’t help but laugh. 561 more words


Simple Tips For University Students

Bonjour! As you may know, I am in fact a student. Oh yes- I did just blow your mind. But in all seriousness, going off to university can be quite an adjustment and it is quite different from life at home. 811 more words

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6 Things I Learned From Not Eating In College

1. Orange Chicken Tuesdays are always an exception

Even though I was mostly only eating one meal a day (which was a large portion of eggs, potatoes, and sausage and a side of chocolate soy milk) I made the exception of lunch on Tuesdays for orange chicken. 388 more words


The Inner Monologue Of Assembling IKEA Furniture By Yourself

It’s just IKEA. Everybody knows that it’s only a few snaps and tiny metal tools away from being done. This will take 30 minutes, tops. 657 more words