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I Set Off The Fire Alarm

(nee naw nee naw nee naw)

In the interests of not having their students burn to death due to culinary incompetence, my uni has fire alarms stationed about every five feet in our flat, including in the middle of the ceiling in my room in place of a light, so it’s gloomy with the desk lamp by itself, but at least I’m safe! 434 more words

Reactions To Stuff

The Road Ahead, Fall & Winter Holiday Paths& my birthday

09/21/2014,  Some people plan for their journeys.  They get road maps, make reservations, formulate plans, and look forward or at least feel comfortable with their journey ahead.  792 more words

Losing My Life, How My Journey Started -Part 2

9/20/2014,  There were 3 events in which I lost my life that started my Pilgrimage to a Happy Life.  Part 1 details how in losing my father, I lost my life.   1,178 more words

Living Alone - The Biggest Lies

I have officially reached day 15 of living alone and everything they teach you about living alone is a lie. And by they, I mean every American college movie that makes living alone seem oh so rock n roll! 237 more words

7 Things Only People Who Live Alone Understand

1. Everything is your doing.

The only thing stopping you from painting the walls is a security deposit and free time. Those dirty dishes in the sink? 555 more words

The Things You Learn and Wish You Hadn't When You Live Alone

Living alone is wonderful. I know a lot of people who think they couldn’t handle it because they like people and get lonely too much or something weird like that. 1,637 more words


Losing my Life, How my Journey Started - Part 1

09/17/2014,  My pilgrimage to trying to build and find my happy resulted from a series of losses.  Losses either devastate or motivate us.   The very word, Loss, conveys something we miss and will never get back.  1,271 more words