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Moving Out Is a Pain

Slumbering through school at the moment, my mood is getting the drop on me while I pour over the apartment listings.  Weirdly enough, I don’t have too many options for one bedroom apartments or studios.   267 more words

Top 10 Reasons Why I Am Not Ready To Live Alone

So, after graduating college I did the most well-known post grad move, I went back home to live with my mother. In my eyes it seemed like the best idea before I wondered out into the world alone and on my own. 2,250 more words


Matters of Faith & Holiday Surival on the Pilgrimage to a Happy Life

11/24/2014, Faith, religion, spirituality is very person.  Some try to push their beliefs on others.  While, others try to show their faith through how they live their own life.  1,098 more words

I have a real princess for a room-mate! - An open letter to the fussy room mates

When you are living away from your home on a barely sufficient income compared to your expenses, you end up living in shared flats, pay-guest accommodations and hostels. 752 more words


Being Important

I’m feeling restless tonight as if I should be doing something important, but here I am at the computer, playing games of solitaire. (Well, I was playing games. 563 more words


'Older people in our society need to learn to have a life of their own. Instead of seeking happiness in their kids’ lives, ...'

1. What prevents the Indian elderly from ‘seeking fulfilment in their own actions’?

Do they face pressure not to ‘live alone’? Or disapproval if they do not ‘help’ their adult children run their lives and have and raise their children? 928 more words

Indian Homemaker

Who Does Furniture Really Benefit?

I moved into my new condo two months ago. I can proudly say that my bedroom is complete, if only in the sense of basics furnishing (bed, dresser, side table) and not decorating (it’s a bit like a white waiting room with just the necessary furniture and no decorations, paintings or colourful throws whatsoever). 986 more words