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Grief: The Great Learning, Day 432

I’ve saved the letters I wrote to my life mate/soul mate after he died, thinking that one day I would write a sequel to Grief: The Great Yearning, 910 more words


Living into the Silence

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with silence. Incessant noise often gets under my skin and I feel the need to escape to somewhere quiet when I am stressed. 297 more words

Next up.. a plague of locusts

So the move to CA hasn’t exactly been what one could term ‘smooth’. Not unless smooth comes with pointy sharp bits, lots of water, electrical shockage and way too much time spent at Walgreens. 673 more words

Life After 40


Man at Publix flirting with the 16 year old girls bagging your groceries. Sure, they were drooling over you and you were loving every second of it. 46 more words


9 Major Struggles Only People Who Live Alone Can Understand

I’ve lived alone for about six years now. And while it’s annoying to have to do everything myself (like decorating for the holidays, ugh… 738 more words