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Milestone Comics Are Back!

Sorry, Secret Wars. In the inarguably best comic news of the week, original co-publisher Derek Dingle, along with writer/producer Reggie Hudlin and artist Denys Cowyn, is resurrecting the late Dwayne McDuffie’s Milestone Media, best known as the home of beloved character Static Shock.

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Radio XLV, side B, track 2: "Tune Twist"

Oh, Vic St. John, puh-lease.  Give us a Tune Twist that’s an actual challenge, why don’t you?  Of course, I can say that because I had the forethought of recording not just the Tune Twist challenge but also the results, so it’s easy to say I could have figured it out since I have the answer key.   199 more words


A Matter Of Taste

No one taste should be considered “Christian,” but to consider musical quality as completely relative is to not understand the importance of the aesthetic in human life and religion.  

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Christian Faith